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The history and evolution of menstrual cups.

Menstrual cups are a new thing, right? Actually, these little lifesavers have been around longer than you might think! Menstrual cups have actually been in the making for almost 100 years! Before menstrual cups and tampons women had to survive their periods with rags and a “sanitary belt.” When tampons were introduced, many people hoped…

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Why does my period make me so emotional? ????

Yikes…. yikes… yikes. Something has got to be wrong with me. ^^Me, about two days before my period. When I’m not crying about nothing or eating lots of dark chocolate, I’m probably sitting alone in a corner wondering what is wrong with me. Why am I feeling like the whole world has gone dark and…

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Public bathroom + period? The secret is out.

Using a menstrual cup in a public bathroom

We get asked this question all the time…. what do you do when your Pixie Cup needs to be emptied and you only have access to a PUBLIC bathroom? This moment sounds terrifying, but don’t worry, the solution is simple! We are going to share with you the THREE secrets to surviving the menstrual-cup-in-a-public-bathroom dilemma!…

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Pixie Cups for teens… a guide.

Do you remember the day that you first started your period? That first period is often a little shocking and scary, and opens the door to so many different struggles and choices to wade through in an already complicated time of life. Wouldn’t it be nice if teens and pre-teens were able to use a…

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