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7 reasons why Pixie Cup is the right Menstrual Cup for you.

You’ve clicked a link or googled “period hacks…” somehow you ended up here on the Pixie Cup site. If that’s true, you’re probably wondering what is this thing we call a Pixie Cup… and why is everyone talking about it? The Pixie Cup is only the absolute best menstrual cup on the market… and we’re…

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How to use a menstrual cup while hiking, backpacking, and camping!

Pixie menstrual cup in a camping backpack

Spring is the perfect time to grab a journal and start planning your expeditions into the wilderness! As you sketch out the perfect weekend that is plan-free and ready for adventure, you suddenly panic, realizing that you picked the dreaded period week.  Is it really possible to plan an outdoor camping adventure during your period, without…

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Cervix height and menstrual cups.

Your cervix height is one of the most important things to consider when you choose a Pixie Cup size, and we have a quick and easy guide to figuring out if your cervix is low, medium, or high!

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