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12 Simple Essentials for a Zero Waste Bathroom

It’s time to turn your bathroom into a zero-waste zone.

I can feel it now… it’s like a fluttering, many-people-collectively-holding-their-breath, STRESS feeling.

Do you know what I mean?

The idea of going completely waste-free can make me feel immediately overwhelmed because I feel so dependent on the disposable products that our world is constantly cranking out. Well… who cares how I feel because you can’t always base decisions on convenience. In fact, the most important decisions are often uncomfortable and self-sacrificing. There are millions of animals out there, dependent on us to protect them from the waste that is ever filling their natural homes.

What are we going to do about it?

Before you get too intimidated, let me tell you that this is not something you have to do all at once! Every small decision you make to save a little waste goes a long way.

So… let’s get started with 12 products that you can use today to make your bathroom into a waste-free zone!

1: Tushy Bidet

We’re starting out big! If you’re really sold out about going waste-free, invest in a bidet. This product cleans your backside as clean as you could hope for… all without using a square of toilet paper! You’ll never want to leave your house after buying one of these!

2: Dental Lace: Floss

This floss is exactly what you’re used to – waxed and mint flavored – but compostable from the container to the floss itself! You’ll want to display this floss on your counter because the recyclable container it comes in is just too cute to tuck away in a drawer!

3: Toilet Brush

Most toilet brushes are plastic from top to bottom! This toilet brush does the job well with a handle made out of wood and bristles made out of horsehair! Keep your toilet sparkling bright and your conscience clean as well with this environmentally-friendly brush!

4: Toothbrush

Your waste-free bathroom would not be complete without a bamboo toothbrush! Toothbrushes are one of those things we are constantly using and throwing away… why not use an all-natural version!

5: Shampoo Jar

This adorable jar is perfect for shampoo! All you have to do is buy shampoo in bulk (or make your own) and use it to refill this jar. In addition to saving the waste of purchasing countless small shampoo bottles, it’s also just adorable and the perfect size to avoid extra shower clutter!

6: Makeup Remover Pads

Say goodbye to cotton balls and disposable face wipes for good! These cute little makeup pads are gentle on your skin and you can reuse them over and over! Feel free to add a little coconut oil for a mascara remover and skin moisturizer!

7: Brush/Comb Set

You don’t have to feel bad about throwing an old brush away when it is made out of wood! This brush and comb set is durable and adorable!

8: Safety Razor

Let’s get rid of plastic razors for good! This beautiful metal razor is durable and gentle on the skin. Plus, it’s made in Australia, which is pretty darn cool.

9: Loofah Bath Sponges

These Egyptian loofah sponges exfoliate without soaking your body in chemicals! Try them out and you’ll never go back.

10: Nail Brush

It’s always good to have a nail brush around to get those hands, feet and nails clean after a day of hard work! This brush is made out of wood and pig bristles… no plastic around here, folks!

11: Pixie Cup

You knew it was coming… our favorite item on the list! With a Pixie Cup you save the earth from actual THOUSANDS of sanitary items of waste, and your trash can has to be emptied a lot less! Plus, you can keep your Pixie Cup in your purse so you never have to purchase a 25 cent “sanitary napkin” from a gas station restroom again.

12: Compost bin

Trade out your trash can for a compost bin! Did you know that hair and tissues are actually compostable? With all the other changes your restroom has experienced, that’s all the waste you’re going to end up with in your trash can from now on!

What are some steps you have taken to make your restroom a waste-free zone? Share them with us in the comments!

Laura U.

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