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7 ways to make your period 7X better this month!

I’m curious about you! Are you an athlete, competitive, driven, and strong? Are you an aspiring actress, a math geek, or a hardworking mother of three? No matter who you are, there is one thing that brings us all together. We are women. ?

Women are unique. We are graceful, we are strong, we are sometimes undervalued and often over-comers. We are WOMEN and that is awesome!

As women, whether rich or poor, singer or computer genius, we all deal with one common problem. You guessed it… we all deal with a menstrual cycle. ❤️  Although we cannot change the fact that we have a cycle, there are things we can do to make it much better, and we are going to share 7 of those with you today!

So get ready…. because you’re about to have the best period of your life!


#1: Stay rested

We can’t emphasize this enough. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body slowly starts breaking down and wearing out. Getting a good night’s sleep gives you the extra energy you need to push through those harder period days and stay positive!

#2: Drink WATER

I’m talking to myself here, but it’s so easy to grab an extra cup of coffee on those sleepy period days, but don’t forget to drink a little extra water! The more water you drink, the more bloating will reduce and the better you will feel!

#3: Use a heating pad

I wish I had discovered this sooner in my period journey! When you’re suffering from period cramps, using a heated blanket or rice pad on your belly will help the pain from cramps to decrease! That’s something all of us can get excited about!

#4: Eat fresh

No matter what the problem, a balanced, healthy diet seems to be the first treatment, and an icky period is no different! If you eat too many foods with lots of sugar and salt, you could end up feeling more bloated and queasy. Fresh fruit and vegetables are great sources of iron to add to your diet and they add extra hydration to keep you feeling healthy and energized.

#5: Keep moving

I know, I know, the LAST thing you want to do on your period is anything to do with exercise! I’m not recommending anything crazy like running 10 miles, but it is good to stay active during your menstrual cycle. Try some more gentle exercise, like a little afternoon yoga, an evening walk, or even a swim! When you have a Pixie Cup, swimming is always a possibility!

#6: Reward yourself!

Anyone who has experienced a period knows that there are some days that can get exhausting. Don’t be too hard on yourself… give yourself a little something special that you don’t do at any other time. Go to a movie, enjoy a piece of (dark) chocolate, or wear a little extra lipstick! Periods are for women only, so let’s enjoy them!

#7: Do something kind for someone else

There is nothing more encouraging than making someone else’s day! Whether it be paying for someone else’s meal at a restaurant or sending a card of encouragement, use that time you could be feeling down to focus on uplifting someone else! I promise, it will lift your spirits too, 100% of the time!

BONUS! You thought we were done…. but there’s one more thing you can do for your period!

#8: Use the right products

Nothing gives you flexibility during your period like a Pixie Cup! With this little item you can exercise, swim, go on a hike, or sleep in, worry-free! If you’re not sure if you’re ready to try it out, join us on Facebook and Instagram to see what other women have to say about it! 

Have a happy period!

Laura U.

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