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An impact for good: Christmas edition

Christmas is huge. I’m not talking about the trees, the gifts, the traditions, the decorations… I’m talking about the spirit behind it. We smile frequently, we think of ourselves less and we think of others more. When we do that magical things happen: we impact lives. In many ways, just by living outward-focused those few weeks in December. As much as we want to continue thinking of others all year ‘round, before we know it we are caught up in our routines once again.

Here at Pixie Cup we strive for something bigger. We have a mission to touch women around the globe every single day of the year, not just the month of December. We want to impact their lives for the better and that is the basis on which Pixie Cup started, by believing in something bigger than me: we.

Buy One, Give One

Anytime you or someone you know purchases a menstrual cup from us, you’re telling us “Hi, please, now give one to a sister who needs it.” 

You, my friend, have started the ripple because that’s exactly what we do. To date, we have donated over 37,000 cups to women in need!

The average woman views her period as an annoyance sometimes, part of life, a hiccup in plans. But in other countries, girls are taken from school or women are forced to stay at home that week every month because of a lack of hygiene products available to them. How about a homeless woman right on American soil? She’s worried most about her next meal or where she’s going to sleep, the safety of herself or children… keeping herself clean falls far after that. 

We have amazing partners who link us to the many hands and faces of women around the world. Our most recent partner is The Dream Center, whose sole purpose is linking communities in need with resources. It’s an organization focused on finding solutions to homelessness, hunger, and the lack of education that exists all around us; in places near and far. With a vision to transform the world, each Dream Center strives to provide the help and resources necessary to individuals and communities in need. 

We think they are pretty great and we’re so excited to be linking arms with them as the newest addition to our Pixie Cup tribe!

If you’ve already purchased a Pixie Cup, we thank you for being a part of our mission to touch every woman and do our part in eliminating waste. If you haven’t made the leap from disposable menstrual products to a Pixie Cup, you now can feel good about a seemingly small decision making a big impact.

Thank you for all you’ve done, on behalf of our team and all the beautiful faces around the world. 

Merry Christmas!

Hannah L.

If you’ve read the Pixie Cup blog, emails, updates or… well, anything lately, Hannah probably wrote them. She's a business owner, self-made writer and marketing expert. Experience in Mailchimp, ConvertKit, SnapChat, Pinterest and SMS Marketing.

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