Cleaning menstrual cups has never been easier!

Cleaning menstrual cups has never been easier!

Your Pixie Cup can become sparkling clean in just 3 minutes! We know, it sounds like an impossibility! But we have committed to providing you with the BEST period care on the market. Let us learn all about caring for and cleaning menstrual cups below!

Last October we shared our Pixie Cup sanitary secrets with you and today we are adding one more. The secret we have been keeping for a month now is your Pixie Cup‘s new best friend…. ???? meet the Pixie Cup Steamer!

Pixie Steamer works at effectively cleaning menstrual cups

Every month you are so excited to use your sparkling clean Pixie Cup! You go through your period with an extra light spirit, knowing that your cup is leak-free and you can do whatever-the-heck you want, even hot tub or swim!

THEN your period is gone and you no longer need to use your cup. You plan to stow it away neatly, Marie Kondo style, but first, it needs a deep clean.

Many menstrual cup users boil their cups in a pot on the stove but, as you may have found, your friends (or husband and kids????) might gag a little at the idea of eating food out of that pot again! You might have even found yourself sneaking out into the kitchen in the middle of the night to boil your cup in private!

Say goodbye to inconvenience… say hello to our Pixie Cup spa, the Steamer! Never has cleaning menstrual cups been easier! All you have to do is place your cup on the platform, close the lid, and push the (super cute) blue button! Voila! Your cup will be clean within three minutes!

We only have a limited quantity of steamers at this time so be sure to order yours soon! Happy spa day!

How to break it to your guy that you use a menstrual cup

How to break it to your guy that you use a menstrual cup

So, you bought a Pixie Cup and decided that you’re sold FOR LIFE! Ain’t nobody gonna take that period freedom away from you! {ohhhh snap} ????‍♀️

So now that you’ve made that life-changing decision, the time has come to break it to your dreamy, perfect, and totally oblivious guy that you use a menstrual cup.

menstrual cup boyfriend

You have two options:

Option A: Let him find the cup on his own, give a quick explanation and awkwardly launch into a conversation about periods.

Option B: Tell it to him straight.

If you chose Option A, we wish you good luck and would love to laugh at the story with you later! But if you chose Option B… we are here to help!

Without further ado… here are some tips to help you break it to your guy that you use a menstrual cup.

Choose the time wisely

You’re probably going to have a moment where your period is in full power, and your emotions are running high. This is probably the worst time to tell your man that you use a menstrual cup! If you’re like me, when you’re on your period any well-meant words can be taken the wrong way. Set aside some time to talk to your guy when he is feeling really comfortable in your relationship. Chances are, he will be thrilled to see you embracing new ideas and living in freedom!

Be confident!

Your guy is probably going to be excited about anything that makes you happy and enhances your quality of life! If you are thrilled about your Pixie Cup, let him know! Tell him why you’re excited, and how it can affect your relationship for the better! Guys love to be active and have fun with their favorite person. Your man will be so excited to learn that you can now run, swim, hike, and live in freedom, even on your period.

Be understanding

Guys really get hit hard in our culture these days. Without getting too political here, we want all people, male and female, to feel loved and empowered to live fully. The truth is your husband or boyfriend may really be open-minded and excited to learn about your Pixie Cup. There is a possibility, though, that he will be a little uncomfortable with the topic, and that’s okay! You should never feel like your period is something to be ashamed of at any point, but it’s okay for guys to have time to adjust to the period conversation. Since they don’t have periods, men might feel intimidated by the idea of a cup at first (like maybe you did too), but as you kindly help them to understand what you are going through during menstruation, they will soon learn how to love you better through it.

Have you told your guy that you use a Pixie Cup? Share your story in the comments!

But… menstrual cups are too expensive!

But… menstrual cups are too expensive!

We’ve heard it too many times before: “I’d love to try a menstrual cup, but I can’t really afford it.”

First of all, we completely understand that saving money is important, and sometimes it is hard to set aside enough money to buy a Pixie Cup. That is one of the reasons why we started our Buy One Give One program, so every woman has the opportunity to experience the period freedom that a Pixie Cup provides!

pixie cup on a budget

Today we are giving you THREE ways that a Pixie Cup will benefit your budget!

1. We keep our cups at a reasonable price

If you do a little research, you will soon find that menstrual cups can be pretty pricey! When we started Pixie Cup, we wanted to provide an affordable, high-quality cup that every woman could use! Plus, when you purchase a menstrual cup from us, we give one away to a woman in need, so TWO cups are purchased for the price of one! Now that’s a deal you can’t pass up!

2. The Pixie Cup is reusable!

Each woman spends an average of $15-20 per month on period products. That adds up to about $180 a year! When you buy a Pixie Cup, you pay a small one-time fee and then you can reuse your cup for 10 years (the better you care for it the longer it lasts)! So just pocket that extra $150 or put it toward the Starbucks fund. ???? Wouldn’t you rather enjoy a steaming skinny mocha on that “worst day” of your period than an ultra tampon and maxi pad?

3. We 100% guarantee your satisfaction.

Try the Pixie Cup with a carefree mind. If you find that our cups do not work for you, let us know and we will either provide you with a different type of cup or give you a full refund. We want you to be 100% equipped to take on those PMS days with confidence and joy!

Now that we figured out how you can afford a Pixie Cup AND save money, what else is holding you back from giving a cup a try? Let us know in the comments! ????

Why does my period make me so emotional?

Why does my period make me so emotional?

Yikes…. yikes… yikes. Something has got to be wrong with me.

^^Me, about two days before my period.

When I’m not crying about nothing or eating lots of dark chocolate, I’m probably sitting alone in a corner wondering what is wrong with me. Why am I feeling like the whole world has gone dark and I am utterly alone? When the period itself does arrive, I gotta admit I’m often a little relieved! There was a reason for the insanity after all!

Girls, it really is a rough time for us. When we are approaching our periods, since our hormones are going crazy there are a lot of physical changes… bloating, acne, food cravings, and so much more. I don’t know about you, but I end up in this awful (and honestly pretty stinking hilarious) cycle of “I feel fat, my face is bloated… gross! I have a ton of acne everywhere! Ugh… I’m so hungry but I feel fat so I can’t eat… nobody likes me and I’m alone in the world. *massive amounts of tears.*

might be exaggerating a little bit here but everything does hit us at once during those “PMS” days.

I’m here to tell you two things today.

  1. What is really going on with our bodies during those 2 days?
  2. What can we do to make our days sunshiny and happy in the midst of an apocalyptic-type-of-hopeless mood?


First, what is really going on? There’s a really complicated answer for that. Your period is not just a seven day period, it is an entire month (or longer in some cases) of hormonal fluctuations! We wrote a blog post about a “normal period” that you can read here.

The part of the “period” or “cycle” that we are referring to here is the luteal phase. During this phase, you experience a surge of progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone that boosts your metabolism (hey, extra hunger!), increases your basal body temperature, and can increase breast soreness (check out this awesome article by Ava Women that tells you all about your cycle in depth). When you start feeling those period emotions and symptoms, just remember that they are a good thing, not something to worry about. If you are experiencing excessive symptoms, that may be something to get checked out.

Second, how can we deal with these darned period emotions? Here are 3 tips for you.

1. Smile!

This may seem a little obvious at first, but give it a try! I have found that one pitifully half-hearted smile actually brightens my mood tremendously and leads to a genuinely happy mood! According to this article by NBC News, smiling is actually proven to boost your immune system and lower your heart rate! While you’re at it, take a moment to scribble a quick list of what you value in your life. Positivity can move mountains, folks! Believe it!

2. Create a happy habit

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE looking forward to things. A few years ago, I decided that I would buy myself a bar of dark chocolate when my period came around. I shared this with my husband when we first started dating, and now dark chocolate seems to magically show up when my period emotions start kicking in. ???? Believe it or not, having that little piece of chocolate-y happiness to look forward to really helps me to brave through those why-am-I-even-crying-right-now moments!

3. Take care of your body

Your poor body is going through a h*ck of a lot during the menstrual flow days… why not show it a little extra love?! It’s so important to get good rest, eat whole, nourishing foods, and incorporate a little light exercise into your daily routine while your body is feeling down in the dumps. There’s nothing like a good night’s rest to start the day off right!

Bonus! ♡

I know I promised three tips… but this one is just so good! Sprinkle your day with peppermint candies. ???? Seriously though, peppermint has so many wonderful benefits! It calms the emotions and mind, helps your brain to focus, and it even relieves pain and nausea! Soothe your spirit during an emotional moment by sipping some peppermint herbal tea, or rubbing a little peppermint essential oil on your temples and belly (make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil or else it might irritate your skin).

These steps won’t erase your period emotions, but they will help you to stay positive and keep believing the best as you journey through this life as a woman!

And hey… being a woman is worth smiling about. ????

10 Easy Ways to Live More Eco-Friendly

10 Easy Ways to Live More Eco-Friendly

It’s that time of year again! Gyms and parks will be overflowing with newly-inspired fitness enthusiasts, and good luck buying cream cheese these days! It’s going to be sold out for weeks as the ketogenic diet is taken up by the poor souls (like me) who had a little too much “stuffing” this holiday season!

In the spirit of all these resolutions, we decided to give you one additional challenge. We want to challenge you to take 10 steps to live eco-friendly this year!

But… why? I mean, there are still plenty of squirrels around and weeds are a constant struggle, surely our earth isn’t too toxic for life to be sustained…. right?

Right! Well, sort of. Life on earth is precious. It’s easy to take for granted the beautiful earth that we are able to enjoy each day. Fresh air, green trees, blue sky, these are luxuries that are not guaranteed to us. The more trash we throw away, the more the air, water sources, and beautiful land is desecrated with waste.

It’s simple and cost-effective to take small steps to reduce waste in our everyday lives… and here’s the thing: Even if you do ONE thing to reduce waste in your home or your workplace, it’s a victory!

Even if you do ONE thing to reduce waste in your home or your workplace, it’s a victory!

That being said, here are 10 easy ways to live more eco-friendly!

Pixie Menstrual Cup with other eco friendly swaps for an environmentally conscious home

1. Start recycling

Ohhh recycling. I don’t know if I can stay on top of that. You stay on top of taking out the trash, right? All you have to do is place your paper, metal, cardboard and plastic items into a separate container. These items usually are not smelly so you can hold on to them a little longer than your regular trash. If your city doesn’t offer curbside recycling, just create a reminder and drop it off every so often. I treasure small trips like these to listen to an audiobook and have some “me time” in the car.

2. Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic

Reusable shopping bags are super cute. That’s the #1 reason to use them, right? ? Plus, they never rip when you need them most, unlike those plastic grocery bags! You will want to store your reusable bags in your car or in a place where you will always remember to take them with you. If you forget about them until you reach the check-out, you can just tell the associate you don’t need plastic and you’ll bag it when you get to the car.

3. Start a compost bin

Compostable waste is huge and it’s easy to start composting. If you have a garden, it will save you money and help your plants in the process. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can compost inside your home, check out these great tips!

4. Get the right lights

What? The lights we buy are better for the eco system? Yes! Don’t go out and buy them all at once, but the next time a bulb goes out in your house, you can replace it with an energy efficient source.

5. Carry your reusable water bottle and coffee mug with you

This seems too easy, but it goes so far to reduce waste. Just thing how many millions of Starbucks cups end up in the trash each year! In fact, Starbucks is very passionate about reducing waste and provide reusable cups and recycling bins for you to utilize! Learn more here. If you forget your reusable cup, just use a water fountain instead of buying a plastic bottle, or ask for your coffee in a glass mug at your next coffee shop visit.

6. Use less paper

This one sounds intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple. All you have to do is replace your paper towels and napkins with reusable cloth towels and use your porcelain plates instead of buying the paper or plastic options. Plus… this step saves you a whole lot of money!

7. Eco-friendly cleaning products

Get rid of the toxins and chemicals that are bad for your health and the environment by replacing them with natural and organic cleaning solutions. You can purchase a healthier alternative at most supermarkets these days, or create your own essential oil cleaning solution, and store it in a glass bottle!

8. Use less water

You can switch out your faucet heads for low-flow options, and take quick showers! You can also treat yourself to a hot bath, and enjoy some nice, relaxation time while saving money and water.

9. Slowly work on your kitchen

Did you know that the kitchen produces the most waste in the home? You can cut back on food waste by composting (see above) and replacing plastic wrap and ziplocks for reusable options. Another good option is to use glass storage containers for your food. These are better for your health and they last much longer than plastic options.

10. Tackle the bathroom next

The bathroom is the second most wasteful room in the home after your kitchen. You can reduce waste in your bathroom by using your Pixie Cup (or switch if you haven’t yet… goodbye pads and tampons!!!) and you can even install a bidet on your toilet to reduce toilet paper waste! See this article from Wild Minimalist for tips on how to make your bathroom extra waste-free this year.

Hopefully this list is helpful for you as you embark on your New Years Resolutions list! Let us know how YOU are making a difference in your home this year.

Best wishes to you in the coming year. May your joys be many and your trash bags be few!


Hey Siri… is my period normal?

Hey Siri… is my period normal?

Yikes! Period talk. How embarrassing!


Periods happen and they are something we need to talk about! Why? Because they happen, and sometimes there are periods that are not normal. If we don’t talk about periods, we can’t help each other stay balanced and healthy!

So stop bothering Siri and let us talk about them with you today.

First, why do we even have a period?

girl holding pixie menstrual cup pondering

Your period is, believe it or not, only a small part of your menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle itself is a beautiful recurring system that ensures your body is healthy and ready for a potential pregnancy. At the start of the menstrual cycle, which begins after your last period’s flow ceases, your uterine lining is rebuilt and an egg is prepared for the middle phase which is ovulation. During ovulation, one of your ovaries releases an egg, and your body changes hormonally, preparing for a potential pregnancy. If the egg is fertilized, the egg will attach itself to the lining of the uterus and begin to grow, a tiny living human. If the egg is not fertilized your hormone levels will decrease and the uterus lining sheds during what we know as our “period week.”

What a beautiful, almost magical, process that our female bodies go through each month! Sometimes we are so accustomed to our cycle that we forget just how incredible and fascinating it is! The description we just gave you is really just a very simplified overview of the menstrual cycle, because we are ready to head into the next question…

What does a normal period look like? ?‍♀️

Get ready to find out! ?

Should I have a period? (Periods are totally normal! yay! ?)

I know sometimes we can lose sight of this fact, but this is important. Your period is a GOOD thing. Periods are just a part of this messy, amazing thing called life! If you don’t have a period… well, that could mean your body is a little unbalanced.

How much flow is too much? ?

According to the NHS, the average flow amount is between 6-8 teaspoons (or 30-40ml). This is normal! Sometimes it could feel like your flow is a lot more than this, but if you measure it you will likely find that there is actually less blood than you think. Measuring your flow is super easy (and extremely accurate) in your handy dandy Pixie Cup) but you can also measure your flow with tampons. A regular tampon holds 5ml of fluid, and a super tampon will hold about 10ml.

Is my period too long? (It feels like it lasts forever. ?)

A normal period lasts between 2-7 days. (Whew, that’s a big range!!) Yes it is! Although the average period is about 5 days long, there’s some flexibility there before you get to an abnormal range! If your period is lasting longer than 8 days, it’s time to set up that appointment with your gynecologist.

What if my cycle is more/less than 28 days? ?

The average cycle is between 21-35 days… another big range! If your menstrual cycle is shorter than 21 days, you have an abnormally short cycle and might want to discuss things with your doctor to get it checked out. If your cycle is longer than 35 days, you still may be in the healthy range because some people do have longer cycles, although this is less common. If you are only having your period once every few months, you will want to visit your doctor to make sure you are at a healthy range for you.

In short… ?

You alone know your body best! As you can see above, there is a huge variety of period types. In fact, our periods are as unique and beautiful as we are! Each person has a different experience, and that’s a good thing! If your period is extremely heavy and leaving you feeling extremely weak or sick, or if you only get a period a few times a year, please schedule an appointment with your doctor and take care of yourself! You are important and your health is valuable.

What is your biggest period question? Let us know in the comments, and let’s talk about it!