You should be eating these things on your period

You should be eating these things on your period

We all know that we get cravings on our period… sweet, salty, delicious… no matter what it is your hormones scream, “I want it and I want it NOW!”

What you may not know is the food you eat actually can have a huge impact on how you feel during your period! Some foods make you feel extra bloated and crampy, while other foods hydrate you and cause you to feel extra energized!

If you’re ready to experience a not-so-bloated feelin’ good menstrual week… keep reading because we’re about to share some secrets with you, and you’re going to love them!

#1 (best first!) Dark Chocolate

If this sounds too good to be true… it’s not! Treat yourself to a huge bar of dark chocolate during your period week because it gives you an energy boost due to its high magnesium content without causing you to crash from an excess of sugar!

#2 Tumeric

Tumeric is a very bright spice with a great taste! Plus… tumeric is fantastic for decreasing inflammation so sprinkle a little in your scrambled eggs, vegetable stir fry, or whatever your hormonal cravings decide you want during your next period!

#3 Avocado

Heap the guacamole on your burritos this week because avocados are packed with magnesium which could reduce some of your menstrual pain! Talk about a win-win!

#4 Blueberries

Blueberries, besides being one of Robert Downing Jr.’s favorite snacks, are a fantastic choice during your period because they are high in antioxidants! Just add them to a little greek yogurt or sprinkle them on some (whole grain) cereal to have a perfect, healthy breakfast!

#5 Tuna

Tuna is a great lean protein choice during your period because it is high in Vitamin D and contains Omega-3 fatty acids, both of which can lower inflamation and we all know we need some of that on those first few days of our cycles!

Final Note:

One of the best period menu advice tips we can give you is this… listen to your body. If you find yourself feeling bloated or drowsy after eating certain foods, try to avoid those on your heavy days, even if they are somewhere in a healthy ring of the “MyPlate” food circle. (Speaking of which, does anyone miss the good old “food pyramid?)

If you load your plate with a variety of brightly colored (fresh – fruit loops don’t count) foods, you should be good to go.

What are your favorite foods to eat on your period and why?

DIY Lemon/Vinegar rinse tutorial!

DIY Lemon/Vinegar rinse tutorial!

Doesn’t the beautiful spring weather this May just brighten your smile? Watching the world come alive and get ready for summer has us in a spring-cleaning mood!

In order to brighten your day – and your menstrual cup – this May, we decided to give you a tutorial for a fresh, all-natural menstrual cup rinse, and the best part is it’s made from ingredients you probably have right in your kitchen today!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 lemons
  • White vinegar
  • 1 cup measuring glass
  • A glass jar
  • Your Pixie Cup

Do you have everything together? Let’s get started.

This DIY was inspired by a recipe from Waste Free Planet, featured in their incredible e-magazine issue. If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, you’re missing out!

First, cut lemons into thin slices.

Next, measure out one cup of white vinegar.  Vinegar is a natural disinfect, a perfect natural rinse for your cup.

**NOTE: Be careful how you use vinegar because it emits toxic gasses if mixed with ammonia or bleach.

Pour the vinegar into a glass jar and add the lemons. The acid in lemons is antibacterial and antiseptic and it makes the perfect all-natural menstrual cup rinse.

Now, all you have to do is wait! Let the lemon-infused vinegar sit in a cool, dry area for two weeks and you’ve got the perfect all-natural DIY antibacterial menstrual cup rinse!

When you’re ready to use the rinse, combine one part of the infused vinegar to 7 parts water.????????

Let your cup soak for a half-hour and then enjoy the fresh, clean smell!

Did you try out the rinse? Take a photo and tag us on Instagram!

How do you keep your Pixie Cup smelling fresh and clean? Share your tips in the comments!

How to get rid of menstrual cup stains

How to get rid of menstrual cup stains

Menstrual cup stains are super common and are a badge of honor in a way… It shows a lot of use, how you’ve dedicated your cycle to less waste (think of all the products you’ve kept out of landfills!), and that you’ve made the stand to live free. Still, they can be an eyesore. We’ve added a method on removing the stains and some tips on preventing them in the future!

menstrual cup stains

How do I clean off any initial staining?

If your cup is dingy or has staining, let it soak at room temperature for an hour in a glass container or jar with 1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide and 2/3 cup water. This should eat the stains away on its own but if there is anything remaining, take a toothbrush or washcloth and scrub.

How do I prevent menstrual cup stains?

Sterilize your cup regularly. The best way to keep your cup stain-free is to do your best to prevent them! In addition to washing your cup each day and sterilizing your menstrual cup before and after each period, make sure you are giving your cup a scrub in the areas that often experience buildup such as around the rim and in the grooves of the stem. Also, try to minimize the amount of time the cup is exposed to the air without a thorough cleaning because this can lead to the darkening of the silicone.

Give it a good scrub. You may think your cup is beyond saving, but we want to assure you most stains can come off! Are you ready for one of our best stain-removal hacks? Here we go: grab an old toothbrush and scrub your cup with a little warm water and some silicone-safe cleaning solution! You will be surprised how much of the “staining” comes off with this technique!

Let it soak. We all need a steamy bath sometimes, even your menstrual cup! Squirt a little of the cleaning solution mentioned in Step 2 into a bowl or your Pixie Cup Cup with some hot water and let it soak for a few hours! Pair this with a good scrub and you can say goodbye to some tough stains!

Sunsoaking your cup. Placing your menstrual cup in a sunny location (preferably outside) for a few hours will do a world of good for any discoloration. Sun bleaching has been around for centuries and has never let anyone down yet.

Grab some Pixie Cup Wash and an old toothbrush and go to town scrubbing! Your cup will be sparkling in no time.

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Why does my period make me so emotional?

Why does my period make me so emotional?

Yikes…. yikes… yikes. Something has got to be wrong with me.

^^Me, about two days before my period.

When I’m not crying about nothing or eating lots of dark chocolate, I’m probably sitting alone in a corner wondering what is wrong with me. Why am I feeling like the whole world has gone dark and I am utterly alone? When the period itself does arrive, I gotta admit I’m often a little relieved! There was a reason for the insanity after all!

Girls, it really is a rough time for us. When we are approaching our periods, since our hormones are going crazy there are a lot of physical changes… bloating, acne, food cravings, and so much more. I don’t know about you, but I end up in this awful (and honestly pretty stinking hilarious) cycle of “I feel fat, my face is bloated… gross! I have a ton of acne everywhere! Ugh… I’m so hungry but I feel fat so I can’t eat… nobody likes me and I’m alone in the world. *massive amounts of tears.*

might be exaggerating a little bit here but everything does hit us at once during those “PMS” days.

I’m here to tell you two things today.

  1. What is really going on with our bodies during those 2 days?
  2. What can we do to make our days sunshiny and happy in the midst of an apocalyptic-type-of-hopeless mood?


First, what is really going on? There’s a really complicated answer for that. Your period is not just a seven day period, it is an entire month (or longer in some cases) of hormonal fluctuations! We wrote a blog post about a “normal period” that you can read here.

The part of the “period” or “cycle” that we are referring to here is the luteal phase. During this phase, you experience a surge of progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone that boosts your metabolism (hey, extra hunger!), increases your basal body temperature, and can increase breast soreness (check out this awesome article by Ava Women that tells you all about your cycle in depth). When you start feeling those period emotions and symptoms, just remember that they are a good thing, not something to worry about. If you are experiencing excessive symptoms, that may be something to get checked out.

Second, how can we deal with these darned period emotions? Here are 3 tips for you.

1. Smile!

This may seem a little obvious at first, but give it a try! I have found that one pitifully half-hearted smile actually brightens my mood tremendously and leads to a genuinely happy mood! According to this article by NBC News, smiling is actually proven to boost your immune system and lower your heart rate! While you’re at it, take a moment to scribble a quick list of what you value in your life. Positivity can move mountains, folks! Believe it!

2. Create a happy habit

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE looking forward to things. A few years ago, I decided that I would buy myself a bar of dark chocolate when my period came around. I shared this with my husband when we first started dating, and now dark chocolate seems to magically show up when my period emotions start kicking in. ???? Believe it or not, having that little piece of chocolate-y happiness to look forward to really helps me to brave through those why-am-I-even-crying-right-now moments!

3. Take care of your body

Your poor body is going through a h*ck of a lot during the menstrual flow days… why not show it a little extra love?! It’s so important to get good rest, eat whole, nourishing foods, and incorporate a little light exercise into your daily routine while your body is feeling down in the dumps. There’s nothing like a good night’s rest to start the day off right!

Bonus! ♡

I know I promised three tips… but this one is just so good! Sprinkle your day with peppermint candies. ???? Seriously though, peppermint has so many wonderful benefits! It calms the emotions and mind, helps your brain to focus, and it even relieves pain and nausea! Soothe your spirit during an emotional moment by sipping some peppermint herbal tea, or rubbing a little peppermint essential oil on your temples and belly (make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil or else it might irritate your skin).

These steps won’t erase your period emotions, but they will help you to stay positive and keep believing the best as you journey through this life as a woman!

And hey… being a woman is worth smiling about. ????

7 ways to make your period 7X better this month!

7 ways to make your period 7X better this month!

I’m curious about you! Are you an athlete, competitive, driven, and strong? Are you an aspiring actress, a math geek, or a hardworking mother of three? No matter who you are, there is one thing that brings us all together. We are women. ?

Women are unique. We are graceful, we are strong, we are sometimes undervalued and often over-comers. We are WOMEN and that is awesome!

As women, whether rich or poor, singer or computer genius, we all deal with one common problem. You guessed it… we all deal with a menstrual cycle. ❤️  Although we cannot change the fact that we have a cycle, there are things we can do to make it much better, and we are going to share 7 of those with you today!

So get ready…. because you’re about to have the best period of your life!


#1: Stay rested

We can’t emphasize this enough. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body slowly starts breaking down and wearing out. Getting a good night’s sleep gives you the extra energy you need to push through those harder period days and stay positive!

#2: Drink WATER

I’m talking to myself here, but it’s so easy to grab an extra cup of coffee on those sleepy period days, but don’t forget to drink a little extra water! The more water you drink, the more bloating will reduce and the better you will feel!

#3: Use a heating pad

I wish I had discovered this sooner in my period journey! When you’re suffering from period cramps, using a heated blanket or rice pad on your belly will help the pain from cramps to decrease! That’s something all of us can get excited about!

#4: Eat fresh

No matter what the problem, a balanced, healthy diet seems to be the first treatment, and an icky period is no different! If you eat too many foods with lots of sugar and salt, you could end up feeling more bloated and queasy. Fresh fruit and vegetables are great sources of iron to add to your diet and they add extra hydration to keep you feeling healthy and energized.

#5: Keep moving

I know, I know, the LAST thing you want to do on your period is anything to do with exercise! I’m not recommending anything crazy like running 10 miles, but it is good to stay active during your menstrual cycle. Try some more gentle exercise, like a little afternoon yoga, an evening walk, or even a swim! When you have a Pixie Cup, swimming is always a possibility!

#6: Reward yourself!

Anyone who has experienced a period knows that there are some days that can get exhausting. Don’t be too hard on yourself… give yourself a little something special that you don’t do at any other time. Go to a movie, enjoy a piece of (dark) chocolate, or wear a little extra lipstick! Periods are for women only, so let’s enjoy them!

#7: Do something kind for someone else

There is nothing more encouraging than making someone else’s day! Whether it be paying for someone else’s meal at a restaurant or sending a card of encouragement, use that time you could be feeling down to focus on uplifting someone else! I promise, it will lift your spirits too, 100% of the time!

BONUS! You thought we were done…. but there’s one more thing you can do for your period!

#8: Use the right products

Nothing gives you flexibility during your period like a Pixie Cup! With this little item you can exercise, swim, go on a hike, or sleep in, worry-free! If you’re not sure if you’re ready to try it out, join us on Facebook and Instagram to see what other women have to say about it! 

Have a happy period!