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Do celebrities use menstrual cups? The answer is yes

Girls, it is time to celebrate!

For the first time in… forever (no Disney song quote intended) menstrual cups are getting true recognition that they deserve, and we are so excited about it! Not only are YOU here reading this (yay!!) but so many people are starting to try menstrual cups out, even celebrities… and they LOVE THEM!

Why are we so excited about this?

We are excited because women are able to go to work and school during their period week in third world countries, instead of staying home sitting on a dirt floor.

We are excited because women are able to dive in the pool or compete in sporting events and not worry about leaks.

We are excited because periods are becoming a normal conversation, and the next generation of girls will feel supported and empowered as they journey into womanhood!

We are excited for you.

So, who is this celebrity that is talking about her menstrual cup journey?

We’re glad you asked.

Meet Candace Cameron Bure


Candace is absolutely the best. We love her so much because she is authentic, fearless, and so dang gorgeous. She tried a menstrual cup for the first time this year and actually shared her experience on her Instagram story… you can find it in the highlights titled “Menstrual Cups” on her Instagram, or by clicking HERE!

In her story, Candace does not share the brand of her cup, (although she explains that she didn’t choose the Diva Cup) but instead emphasizes the importance of choosing a cup that fits you well.

We are so excited for Candace because her life during the filming of Fuller House and Hallmark movies is extremely rigorous sometimes and she is often on her feet for ten hours at a time! In her Instagram story, Candace shares a few tips on menstrual cup use, as well as a word of encouragement for those who are younger and new to cups.

“Can you sleep with it, swim with it… the answer is yes. All of the above. ALL.”

Check out Candace’s video for some more encouragement, and let us know what you think! Isn’t it fun to see someone we know and love from binge-watching Full House (or am I the only one?) joining us in this journey to share period freedom with women around the world? Let’s also be brave and do all we can to give women the opportunity to live free.

Laura U.

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