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From shopping at the Farmer’s Market to reducing plastic, here are some ways to give back this fall

Small decisions every day end up making a huge difference, and they don’t really change your life that much!

It’s so easy to get into a daily grind of habits that fall upon each other into a stack that we call a “day.” From the way you brush your teeth to the show you watch in the evening, each day includes a lot of decisions that are often made by habit instead of by a considered choice!

Habits are wonderful things because they remove the stress our brains would experience if they had to make EVERY single decision like it was the first time, but they can be detrimental when the habits we’ve grown accustomed to are unhelpful or even harmful to ourselves or the world. For instance, the litter that so often is scattered alongside the road is there because lots of people have the habit of dumping their trash outside the car window instead of regularly discarding trash at each gas station stop or choosing to recycle it. Throwing trash out the window is a small habit that collectively creates massive destruction.

Thankfully, with a little intentional effort, new habits can be formed to replace the unhealthy ones, and it only takes a few weeks!

Why are we talking about habits today?

We’re talking about habits because this blog post is all about giving back to the world we live in through a few simple steps, and it might take a little work for these to become habits! But we think you will agree that these habits are well worth the work and will turn out to be a really fantastic investment of time in the long run!

Here are 4 ways that you can make a huge difference in your community by changing a small habit in your life!

1. Buy local groceries

Local groceries are often healthier because they are produced in season, and your money is going back into your local community, so it’s a double win! You can purchase your groceries at a farmer’s market, or at a local vegetable stand! Plus, farmer’s markets are a really fun fall activity and often include games and food trucks to enjoy with the whole family! Other good options are smaller grocery chains like Aldi.

2. Bring reusable bags

The amount of plastic that most grocery stores hand out in the form of disposable bags is absolutely atrocious. Buy some super cute reusable bags and bring them along when you go shopping – you can even keep them in your car! This works with farmers markets as well as larger suppliers. If you don’t think your little contribution makes that big of a difference, try storing all of your plastic bags in a main area of your house for a month! Now imagine all of that going into a landfill or in the ocean… that’s a LOT of plastic that one simple decision can change completely!

3. Do something nice for a stranger

There’s nothing more satisfying than a small act to make someone’s day! Next time you’re in the drive-thru line, maybe you could pay for the person in line after you! Or, keep an eye out for those who are counting dollars to pay for groceries. Open your eyes a little extra wide to the world around you and you just might make someone’s day!

4. Recycle as often as possible

Recycling is often as simple as taking the time to drop your plastic water bottle in the correct bin. Most of the time, if I look around, I can find a recycling option. If you have trouble finding a bin, you could throw recyclable trash away separately at home and deliver it regularly to the local recycling facility.

We hope this article was helpful to you as you care for the earth and give back to your community one reusable bag at a time.

What are some of the ways you like to support your local community and give back to the earth? Let us know in the comments!

Laura U.

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