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Do you remember the day that you first started your period?

That first period is often a little shocking and scary, and opens the door to so many different struggles and choices to wade through in an already complicated time of life. Wouldn’t it be nice if teens and pre-teens were able to use a menstrual cup to START their journey into womanhood with freedom and confidence?

We understand that trying a Pixie Cup is a big step of faith for a lot of people, so we wanted to encourage you to give the teen and pre-teen girls in your life the opportunity to experience period freedom right away!

Today we wanted to give you a guide for you to share with those younger Pixie Tribe girls. Here are FIVE tips for Pixie Cup success on the first try!

1. Talk it out

When you first pulled that Pixie Cup out of the box, I’m guessing you may have laughed a little in slight panic. Especially for a teen who is less familiar with her body, a Pixie Cup might seem huge and intimidating! That is why it is important for someone she trusts to explain that our bodies are made to deliver babies and even though it seems big, it will work. It might be scary for her, but so many new things are scary until we’ve done them once, and each time we do something uncomfortable it becomes less scary and more normal. It would be so helpful to your teen friend to pull her aside and talk through the thoughts you had when first trying a cup, so she knows she’s not alone! If you know the parents of her friends, maybe talk about cups with them also! Using a Pixie Cup can be easier to adjust to if you have a friend doing it also!

Bryony from Precious Stars has a fantastic video where she covers everything from wearing a cup for the first time at school to fears teens have about a cup breaking their hymen. Sometimes it’s just easier for teens to hear about cups from a peer. Watch her video about “Menstrual Cup Help for Teens.”

2. Choose the right cup

“Well, that’s obvious!” Maybe so… but choosing the perfect cup can be more complicated than you think! We created this post to help you choose the right cup for your unique needs. For most teen and pre-teen newbies, the Small Pixie Cup Luxe is extra soft and pliable, making it perfect for first-time users.

3. Make sure your cup is lubricated

You (unfortunately) likely know the struggle of trying to insert a tampon on a lighter period day. The nice thing about menstrual cups is they are so easy and comfortable to insert when they are moistened! We created a water-based, fragrance-free Pixie Cup Lube that is perfect for those first-time users (or anyone who likes to be super comfortable)! If you don’t have this lubricant you can use water also, just make sure your cup is nice and wet before you give it a try.

4. Folding matters!

There are many different ways to fold a Pixie Cup, and everyone has a different favorite! For the younger girl in your life, menstrual cup insertion might be difficult at first, so it’s good for her to know some different folds to try. Check out this handy-dandy list for some popular folding methods!

5. Practice makes perfect!

Using a menstrual cup for the first time is a slow process sometimes. Tell your teen not to worry if she experiences a little bit of leaking as she figures out her own period system… it could take some time to adjust! It might be helpful for her to wear a liner or pad for peace of mind on the first period or two as she grows to know and love her Pixie Cup.

Don’t EVER give up

The Pixie Cup journey is an adventure! Just like climbing a mountain or running a race, the process is sometimes difficult to train for, but the reward is so great! We deeply desire for all women to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams and never feel trapped by something that is just a part of life! Your teen friend should be able to swim, run, dance, and laugh, without fear of “embarrassment.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and for taking a step toward empowering young women to live in freedom! You are making a difference in this world.