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Pixie Pulse TENS Unit :: Is it worth the hype?

When it comes to menstrual pain, it can be a challenging experience for many people. Pain relief is often a top priority, and finding the right tool for the job can make all the difference. The Pixie Pulse is a product that has been designed with menstrual pain specifically in mind, and there are a few reasons why it is priced higher than other tens units on the market.

Three women smiling while using the Pixie Pulse TENS Unit for menstrual pain relief

First, it’s important to understand what a tens unit is and how it works. The TENS unit, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, has a history dating back to the 1970s. It was first developed as a non-invasive method for pain management, using electrical impulses to stimulate nerves and reduce pain. The device quickly gained popularity among healthcare professionals, and today it is widely used in clinics and hospitals for pain management. Over time, TENS technology has advanced, and new devices have been designed for specific types of pain, including joint pain, back pain, and now – menstrual pain.

Pixie Pulse TENS Unit Features - Targeted Menstrual Pain Relief, Compact Size, Long Battery Life, and Easy to Use

Let’s dive into the differences between the Pixie Pulse and other tens units on the market.

1. Targets Menstrual Pain

The Pixie Pulse has been designed specifically for menstrual pain. This means that the device has been tailored to provide the most effective pain relief for menstrual cramps. The electrical impulses delivered by the device are specifically designed to target the nerves that are responsible for menstrual pain, making it more effective at relieving pain than other generic tens units.

“When they said relief, they meant relief!!! Where has this been all my life?! I hate how bad my first day is and always wanted instant relief – and this delivered. It’s worth the money, it deserves the hype.”

2. Compact Size

One of the other key differences between the Pixie Pulse and other tens units on the market is its size. The Pixie Pulse is one of the smallest and most discreet options on the market. It’s about the size of a small USB drive and can easily fit into a pocket or purse. This makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go, and you can use it discreetly without drawing unwanted attention.

“I chose this unit because it’s so small. It hides under clothes SO WELL, but it still works really well. Oh, yes.the device has a built-in clip so it can be attached to a belt, pant’s waist, pocket.”

3. 12-Hour Battery Life

Another significant advantage of the Pixie Pulse is its longer battery life. The Pixie Pulse uses a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 12 hours on a single charge. This means that you can use the device multiple times before needing to recharge it, which is a significant advantage over other tens units that may require frequent battery changes or recharging.

“The battery lasts so long. I work 12 hour shifts and use it on and off throughout the day, and it lasts my whole shift!”

4. Simple & Intuitive to Use 

Lastly, the Pixie Pulse has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. The device is easy to use, with simple controls that allow you to adjust the intensity of the electrical impulses. The device also comes with a clear user manual that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the device effectively.

“I’ve used high and low end TENS units and either the pads are worthless or the functionality is NOT straight forward. With this unit, it’s a user-friendly experience from beginning to end.”

In summary, the Pixie Pulse is a bit more expensive than other TENS units on the market, yes. But that’s because it has been specifically designed with magical science to target that pesky, unrelenting menstrual pain relief. And boy, does it do its job! Also, the Pixie Pulse’s small, discreet size, longer battery life, and user-friendliness make it a convenient and effective option for any menstruator looking to relieve cramps naturally.

While there may be cheaper TENS units alternatives available, they do not provide the same level of targeted pain relief and convenience that the Pixie Pulse offers. So, don’t go another cycle with debilitating cramps and say YES to natural pain relief TODAY. FSA/HSA Card Eligible!


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Kayla Martin

Kayla is a wife and homeschool mom of three who is passionate about empowering women to care for and advocate for themselves. Kayla cares deeply about holistic wellness of spirit, soul, and body and being good stewards of creation.

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