Pixie Cup Steamer

Pixie Cup Steamer

The Pixie Cup steamer will have your menstrual cup bright and sparkling clean before you can say “no more tampons!”

3 reasons why the Pixie Cup Steamer will change your menstrual cup experience:

  1. It is efficient and effective! The steamer is guaranteed to remove 99.9% of germs in just 3 minutes!
  2. The design is cute and discreet. It has the appearance of a diffuser or humidifier.
  3. The steamer is convenient! You can sanitize your cup in the Pixie Cup Steamer while you’re putting on your makeup, instead of sneaking around the kitchen in the dead of night to boil your cup in private!

Pixie Cup Lube

Pixie Cup Lube

Using Pixie Lube is the easiest way to insert any menstrual cup. It is specifically designed for your silicone period cup and to provide you with a safe and pain-free insertion. Our menstrual cup lube is water based and fragrance free, making it safe for your sensitive skin and ideal for everyone from beginner to experienced users.

  • Water based, fragrance-free formula specifically designed for menstrual cups.
  • Experience the smoothest and easiest way to insert your cup.
  • Pain-free insertion each and every time.
  • Ideal for first time to experienced cup users.
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for your body and skin.


Pixie Cup Slim – Combo Pack

Pixie Cup Slim – Combo Pack

Box Contents

The Pixie Cup Slim Combo Pack comes with a small and a large cup, and two adorable cotton bags for storing your cups away when you’re not using them. The instruction manual is easy-to-read and illustrated so you can feel confident about using your cup before your period even starts. You’ll also receive some free Pixie Wipes so you can easily clean your cup on-the-go! 

That’s it! You are ready to travel and feel confident in always having a clean reusable cup that fits your period’s every need.

Welcome to the freedom of Pixie.

Buy One Give One

When you buy a Pixie Cup, we give a second cup to a woman in need. Your purchase gives period freedom to two, for the price of one. We won’t rest until we get a Pixie Cup in the hand of EVERY woman in need. We find our inspiration from Acts 20:35: “…It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Thank you for helping us help others.


Want to see a sneak peek?

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