Announcement:: our Pixie Cup is going wild with a brand new stem! Don’t worry… this is still the cup you know and love… but better!

So… what’s the difference?

In this blog post, we’ll be talking all about the original stem: why people choose it, what we changed, and why it’s better!

What is the difference between the Pixie Cup and Pixie Cup Slim?

The Pixie Cup is the very first cup we ever designed! It is created from a thick, firm silicone that holds its shape very well. It is available in three sizes: XS, Small, Large, and XL.

The Pixie Cup Slim was our second cup design. It is a similar shape to the original cup but comes in two sizes: Small and Large. The cup is made of a softer, more pliable silicone that molds to your body. Interested in which cup to choose, take our quiz!

Which cup is better?

Both our classic cup and our Slim are great cups to choose, from for different reasons! They each are designed to fit the need of different body types and preferences!

About the Slim cup.

This cup is a great choice for more active ladies because it is more flexible and won’t collapse on your while your squeeze your muscles! These cups also have a smaller diameter and slimmer fit, which might work better if you have felt a cup is too firm or won’t “pop” open.

About the Classic Cup.

Depending on your flow and cervix height, any of these cups could work for you! Please read more HERE

Let’s talk about the new stem.

So… why did we decide to introduce a brand new stem to all of our cups? Well, it has to do with The Pixie Lichen and making sure our customers are comfortable😉

Pixie Cup Lichen is a tiny goblet-shaped plant that grows deep in the forest. Lichens are slow growing and vulnerable to poor air quality. We were thrilled that not only do we share its name, but it also represents a large portion of what is near to our hearts: being respectful of our environment and nature around us.

Benefits of the NEW Stem

The brand new Pixie Cup stem is round and small! It is stiffer than the previous stem, which makes it less likely to break after years of love (you shouldn’t be pulling on the stem to remove it, grab the base to break the seal). The stem also features an easy-to-grab end so you won’t lose your grip during removal!

What do you think? Are you excited about the new stem? Comment your thoughts below!