Prepare yourself, because we’re starting off huge. Our goal is to get a Pixie Cup in the hands of every woman on the planet. *insert mad cheers and clapping*

Every. Woman. On. The. Planet! 

You’re probably thinking, “Umm, guys that’s really cool… but what IS a Pixie Cup (and how can I get one)?”

Let’s start from the beginning. Our founder Amber English has always been passionate about reducing waste and caring for both our earth and our own bodies. As she began to research, she saw a need for women to be able to have a product that they could use to make periods more manageable, and reduce literally millions of pounds of tampon and pad waste. More on that here:

Amber learned that millions of girls around the world are forced to stay home from school and work, or even use dirt and leaves during their period because they have no alternative!

That is why she created the Pixie Cup, a menstrual cup that is designed to fit most body types and provides period freedom! Although the Pixie Cup is very affordable there still are women who cannot afford buy one for themselves. That is why, for every Pixie Cup that is purchased, one cup is given away for FREE to a woman in need!

Is there a Pixie Cup in the hands of every woman on the planet? Not yet… but there’s ONE girl in the world that has a Pixie Cup because YOU chose to be brave and try a menstrual cup.

Pixie Cup is not just a product, it is a way for women around the world to join together and support each other as we all take one step closer to a cleaner planet and brighter future for every person.

Laura U.