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There are so many things to think about when you are using a menstrual cup for the first time.

You have to adjust to the process of emptying your cup, learn how to keep it clean and sanitized, and figure out where you want to store it! There is often a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, using a Pixie Cup becomes second nature!

If you don’t have a Pixie Cup yet, you may be freaking out as you read through the blog. There is a LOT of information here about cups and that can be intimidating! Our advice to you is, go ahead and give it a try! The worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work for you… and we stand behind our products 100% with a leak-free guarantee so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Plus, if you have any questions at all, drop them in the comments either on the blog or on social media, or send us an email! We would be happy to help you to find the answers… and we might even write a blog post about it!

So, the question we are addressing today, and it’s one we get all the time, is this:

Why does my cup slide down when I use it for a while?

There are several reasons why this could be the case. First, you’ll need to think through a couple of questions.

Does it cause irritation?

Does your cup irritate you when it slides lower? If not, this isn’t really an issue. It’s completely normal for your cup to move up and down a little inside your vagina, and find a place to settle comfortably. As long as this is just a minor movement and doesn’t cause any irritation to you, it’s nothing to worry about.

Has your cup ever fallen out?

If your cup has dropped so low that it is close to or has fallen out, you might be using the wrong cup size. We offer cup sizes from small to XL and several different styles of cups, so you might want to size up. Everyone’s body is so different, which is why we include a variety of options!

Is your cup leaking?

If your cup isn’t causing any irritation but you are experiencing leaking when it moves, this could also be a sign that your cup is a size too small. Go ahead and size up to a larger cup size and see if that works better!

Remember, if your cup doesn’t fit quite right, send us a message and we’ll switch it out for a different option, or give you a full refund!

So, what is your #1 period cup question? Drop it in the comments!