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Why does my menstrual cup slip down when I use it for a while?

There are so many things to think about when you are using a menstrual cup for the first time.

You have to adjust to the process of emptying your cup, learn how to keep it clean and sanitized, and figure out where you want to store it! There is often a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, using a Pixie Cup becomes second nature!

If you don’t have a Pixie Cup yet, you may be freaking out as you read through the blog. There is a LOT of information here about cups and that can be intimidating! Our advice to you is, go ahead and give it a try! The worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work for you… and we stand behind our products 100% with a leak-free guarantee so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Plus, if you have any questions at all, drop them in the comments either on the blog or on social media, or send us an email! We would be happy to help you to find the answers… and we might even write a blog post about it!

So, the question we are addressing today, and it’s one we get all the time, is this:

Why does my cup slide down when I use it for a while?

There are several reasons why this could be the case. First, you’ll need to think through a couple of questions.

Does it cause irritation?

Does your cup irritate you when it slides lower? If not, this isn’t really an issue. It’s completely normal for your cup to move up and down a little inside your vagina, and find a place to settle comfortably. As long as this is just a minor movement and doesn’t cause any irritation to you, it’s nothing to worry about.

Has your cup ever fallen out?

If your cup has dropped so low that it is close to or has fallen out, you might be using the wrong cup size. We offer cup sizes from small to XL and several different styles of cups, so you might want to size up. Everyone’s body is so different, which is why we include a variety of options!

Is your cup leaking?

If your cup isn’t causing any irritation but you are experiencing leaking when it moves, this could also be a sign that your cup is a size too small. Go ahead and size up to a larger cup size and see if that works better!

Remember, if your cup doesn’t fit quite right, send us a message and we’ll switch it out for a different option, or give you a full refund!

So, what is your #1 period cup question? Drop it in the comments!

Laura U.

35 thoughts on “Why does my menstrual cup slip down when I use it for a while?”

    • Hi Sarah! I’m so sorry you’re having some troubles! Our customer service team will walk you thru this. Be sure to check your email!

    • Hi Manisha! I’m so sorry this is happening! I will have our customer service team reach out to you ASAP. It sounds like you may need a different size.

  1. I place the cup a little higher but everytime it comes down and starts to poke against the walls of my vagina and my hymen . It even hurts when when i sit , feels like the stem is poking me.

    • Hi Arushi, I’m sorry this is happening! You may want to try cutting the stem and filing the material down with a nail file to smooth out the edges. You can also try turning the cup inside out. Many Pixie Cup users have done this and it works great for them. Please let us know if either of those options helps!

    • When I use the bathroom to have a bowel movement my cup leaks. Otherwise it seems to fit great what do I do? I have a tilted cervix /uterus. Ty

  2. I have the size small and large cup, and I’m having trouble getting both to not slip down constantly and fall out, wondering if I could get some help! Thanks

    • Hi Dana! Thanks so much for letting us know. We are so sorry that this happened and we would love to send you the Extra Large Pixie Cup. This cup will be able to stay in place for you and not fall out. Our customer service team will be emailing you shortly!

  3. Hi
    I have bought Pixie cup L, inspired by your company philosophy and I really like the cup. However I find I that I can feel the stem and the cup slips down. I have turned the cup inside out which is more comfortable re the stem but it still slips down and feels like a bulge. I wonder if I need a bigger size? I am 50yrs old, have had three vaginal births around 20 yrs ago. I am fit and healthy and enjoy running but I feel I cannot go for a run as I am worried about the cup falling out. Please can you advise whether it would be possible to try out a larger cup
    Many thanks

    • Hi Pauline! Thank you so much for the comment. Please be on the look out for an email from our customer service team. It does sound like you need our XL cup!

    • When I use the bathroom to have a bowel movement my cup leaks. Otherwise it seems to fit great what do I do? I have a tilted cervix /uterus. Ty

  4. Hi i like to the sizes of your pixie cups with measurements pls? Im using a Large size cup 68mm height and 45mm width. but it keep cming down until the cup base is out. Then i feel irritating and when walking its gvs me pain.

    • Hi Sha! I will have someone from our customer service team reach out to you. Sounds like you may need a different cup and they will help send you one. Please keep an out in your email!

      • Hi team,

        First time user here and my cup arrived today (great timing as my period started yesterday!)

        I got a large, as I’m 32 and am 2 years post birth but the cup does slide down even though I place it higher.

        I cut the stem to pretty much the end but it feels like it’s bulging a the bottom, I may have a low profile but is it normal to feel it sitting there? I’ve use tampons etc but never feel them once inserted. I’m either just needing to get use to it, even though it feels it may slip out or I need an XL

        • Hi Hayley! You should not be able to feel your menstrual cup at all, so if you do, you might need a different one. You may want to try the Slim Small or the Pixie Classic Small. The Classic is more rigid so it’s easy to pop open, but the Slim Small is designed for strong pelvic floors and low cervix! You may have a low cervix if you find that it continues to bulge out.

    • I’m getting so frustrated. I’ve cut my stem and turned the cup inside out and it is still poking me. I was at the mall the other day and had to so uncomfortably run to my car to try readjusting because I was sure I’d get a cut.

      • Hi Valerie, I’m sorry you’re having some frustration with your cup! There definitely shouldn’t be anything sharp on the cup that would feel like it could cut you. If it feels like it’s applying too much pressure, it could just be that you need a smaller cup. Feel free to reach out to customer service at and we will figure something out!

  5. Hi, my I have a small and large cup. During the first few days I always use the bigger cup as my flow is heavier and it always seems to slid down and has even fell out. But after the first 3 cycle days it’s fits great no issues. Do I need an even bigger cup?

    • Hi Melissa! It does sound like you may need our XL. Please watch for an email from our customer service team!

    • Hi Sha! It sounds like you may have the wrong size or wrong style of Pixie Cup! Our customer service team will reach out to you. Please watch for an email from us!

  6. Hi! I struggled with L & M as they kept sliding down and poking out. I also found they didn’t expand. I now have the Luxe one but this seems to leak. On the verge of giving up! Any suggestions? Thanks

  7. I recently bought a pixie cup after taking an online quiz. It recommended the large for me but it seems to slide down sometimes especially when going to the bathroom. I also leak at night which is why I was looking for a new cup in the first place. I am 35, had 2 kids vaginally, have pcos. Is there anything I can try to stop the cup from moving

    • Hi Jamiya! thank you so much for the comment. Im sorry you’re having this difficulty! It sounds like you may need our XL cup. Im going to snag your email and have our customer service team reach out and have one sent to you right away!

  8. It’s easier for me to find the small sizes for sale, but I think the regular (just a little bigger than the small) fits me best. I wore regular size yesterday and had no leaks. I swapped for small this morning and it kept slipping down and hardly caught any blood. I am 5’9, 145lbs, 30, and had one vaginal birth. Even prior to vaginal birth, I had leaks with the size small before the cup was full (but small sizes were easiest to find) and found it harder to remove than the one that’s just a little bigger.

  9. Hello,
    I have an XL cup that I cannot keep from slipping down to the point that it has slipped out several times and I don’t know what to do. I have checked that it is open and that it isn’t wet when I put it in.

  10. Today is the first time using my pixie cup and am motivated to make this work for me! However, all day I’ve had to readjust it, it slides down so mater how far back I place it. I don’t want to constantly have to dig inside of myself on my period to fix it, and I’m getting it back there far enough that I barely feel it when initially placed. Just wondering why it won’t stay in position. I’m guessing maybe the incorrect size, but does that mean I need a small? How do I know if I should go up or down in size?

      • I’m a new Pixie cup user, I have a small because I have a lower cervix and only have one or two days of a heavier flow(not heavy enough to need to empty the cup in less than 10-12hrs) and this is my 3rd cycle to use it on but this time I keep having my cup try to slide out when going to the bathroom. Do I not have the right size? Do I need larger, more firm or both? It’s not uncomfortable at all and I’ve only had this issue this time on my first (and heaviest) day.

        • I am so sorry you’ve experienced this with the Pixie Cup! Your issue may be related to the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. A successful experience with a menstrual cup depends on vaginal muscles for proper positioning and retention. If your pelvic floor muscles are weak, the cup may tend to slip down or even fall out.

          There are a few potential solutions to consider:

          Try a Larger Cup Size: Sometimes, switching to a larger cup size can help to keep the cup in place and not fall down or out.

          Explore Menstrual Discs: Another option to consider is using a menstrual disc instead of a cup. Menstrual discs are designed to stay in place by positioning themselves behind the cervix and tucking behind the pubic bone, which can be more accommodating for individuals with varying pelvic floor strengths. However, it can take a few periods to get the hang of it!

          Pelvic Floor Strengthening: Our Kegel Weights can assist in strengthening your pelvic floor, but it’s crucial to consult with a Pelvic Floor Therapist before using.


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