About Menstrual Cups

Do celebrities use menstrual cups? The answer is yes.

Girls, it is time to celebrate! For the first time in… forever (no Disney song quote intended) menstrual cups are getting true recognition that they deserve, and we are so excited about it! Not only are YOU here reading this (yay!!) but so many people are starting to try menstrual cups out, even celebrities… and…

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7 reasons why Pixie Cup is the right Menstrual Cup for you.

You’ve clicked a link or googled “period hacks…” somehow you ended up here on the Pixie Cup site. If that’s true, you’re probably wondering what is this thing we call a Pixie Cup… and why is everyone talking about it? The Pixie Cup is only the absolute best menstrual cup on the market… and we’re…

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But… menstrual cups are too expensive.????

We’ve heard it too many times before: “I’d love to try a menstrual cup, but I can’t really afford it.” First of all, we completely understand that saving money is important, and sometimes it is hard to set aside enough money to buy a Pixie Cup. That is one of the reasons why we started…

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The history and evolution of menstrual cups.

Menstrual cups are a new thing, right? Actually, these little lifesavers have been around longer than you might think! Menstrual cups have actually been in the making for almost 100 years! Before menstrual cups and tampons women had to survive their periods with rags and a “sanitary belt.” When tampons were introduced, many people hoped…

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…But is it actually sanitary?

Have you ever wondered if your menstrual cup is actually sanitary? I mean, come on. It is reused a few days a month for years. We all know the mess it comes in contact with. So… is it actually possible to keep a menstrual cup clean? We hear this question so often that we decided…

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Which Pixie Cup is right for me?

two girls holding pixie cups

It’s hard enough to try to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with your outfit… and you’re supposed to decide which MENSTRUAL CUP fits your cervix without trying one on? Girl, that’s crazy!! We get it! Don’t worry, we are here to make sure you have all the information you need to figure…

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