12 Simple Essentials for a Zero Waste Bathroom

It’s time to turn your bathroom into a zero-waste zone. I can feel it now… it’s like a fluttering, many-people-collectively-holding-their-breath, STRESS feeling. Do you know what I mean? The idea of going completely waste-free can make me feel immediately overwhelmed because I feel so dependent on the disposable products that our world is constantly cranking…

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Menstrual pads: are they harmless or dangerous?

Pads… probably the most timeless menstruation-survival invention in history. If you look back into history, as early as 400 AD when Hypatia, the famed philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer, was said to have displayed her menstrual rag to a young suitor to try to discourage him. As long as women have had periods, they have had…

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Getting rid of the menstrual cup smell.

Pixie Cup girls laying on a blanket

You know what really stinks? Hopefully not your menstrual cup. The truth is, if you use your cup at all, there is certainly a risk that you could end up with a stinky menstrual cup on your hands, and nobody wants that! Don’t worry, there are some awesome ways you can ensure your cup stays…

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DIY Lemon/Vinegar rinse tutorial!

Doesn’t the beautiful spring weather this May just brighten your smile? Watching the world come alive and get ready for summer has us in a spring-cleaning mood! In order to brighten your day – and your menstrual cup – this May, we decided to give you a tutorial for a fresh, all-natural menstrual cup rinse,…

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How to start the conversation about menstrual cups.

You bought a Pixie Cup and have been using for a few months now, and you have experienced the incredible freedom a menstrual cup brings to your life. What is the next step? If you’re like me, you want to tell ALL of your friends about it, because good news is meant to be shared!…

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