Period Information

What is a normal period like?

Have you ever run to Google with a health question? *whole room is full of raised hands* It looks like you’re not alone! Pretty much all of us have probably Googled our health symptoms at some point. We decided to beat you to the search bar with this question (unless that’s how you found us,…

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Anxiety and the menstrual cycle.

Do you ever feel like there are some days when anxiety will sometimes spring up and attack you and it’s harder than usual to defeat it?
If you were to track your anxiety you might likely find that the increased times follow a somewhat monthly pattern. While this may sound strange, anxiety, along with a lot of other symptoms, can rise and fall with the hormonal changes of your period!
It all has to do with your menstrual cycle.

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Cozy fall beverages to enjoy on your period.

It’s officially that time of year again! The beloved PSL (aka Pumpkin Spice Latte) is back at Starbucks, ushering with it the smell of fall and literally thousands of Instagram fall selfies. While the week of your period seems like the perfect time to head to your local drive-through and order yourself an extra frothy…

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What is a tilted uterus?

How do you know if you have a tilted uterus? What even IS a tilted uterus, and is it the same thing as a retroverted uterus?
Today we’re about to answer every question you can think of that has to do with a tilted uterus!

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Menstrual pads: are they harmless or dangerous?

Pads… probably the most timeless menstruation-survival invention in history. If you look back into history, as early as 400 AD when Hypatia, the famed philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer, was said to have displayed her menstrual rag to a young suitor to try to discourage him. As long as women have had periods, they have had…

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