But… menstrual cups are too expensive.????

We’ve heard it too many times before: “I’d love to try a menstrual cup, but I can’t really afford it.” First of all, we completely understand that saving money is important, and sometimes it is hard to set aside enough money to buy a Pixie Cup. That is one of the reasons why we started…

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Public bathroom + period? The secret is out.

Using a menstrual cup in a public bathroom

We get asked this question all the time…. what do you do when your Pixie Cup needs to be emptied and you only have access to a PUBLIC bathroom? This moment sounds terrifying, but don’t worry, the solution is simple! We are going to share with you the THREE secrets to surviving the menstrual-cup-in-a-public-bathroom dilemma!…

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Pixie Cups for teens… a guide.

Do you remember the day that you first started your period? That first period is often a little shocking and scary, and opens the door to so many different struggles and choices to wade through in an already complicated time of life. Wouldn’t it be nice if teens and pre-teens were able to use a…

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The season of giving: does it have to end?

There’s only one thing I don’t like about Christmas. “What could be bad about Christmas?” I’m going to risk sounding cliche for one moment… I don’t like that Christmas ends. (Are you with me??) Yes, I’m sad that all the gifts are handed out and nobody plays “The First Noel” on the street corners, but…

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7 ways to make your period 7X better this month!

I’m curious about you! Are you an athlete, competitive, driven, and strong? Are you an aspiring actress, a math geek, or a hardworking mother of three? No matter who you are, there is one thing that brings us all together. We are women. ? Women are unique. We are graceful, we are strong, we are…

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…But is it actually sanitary?

Have you ever wondered if your menstrual cup is actually sanitary? I mean, come on. It is reused a few days a month for years. We all know the mess it comes in contact with. So… is it actually possible to keep a menstrual cup clean? We hear this question so often that we decided…

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Which Pixie Cup is right for me?

two girls holding pixie cups

  It’s hard enough to try to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with your outfit… and you’re supposed to decide which MENSTRUAL CUP fits your cervix without trying one on? Girl, that’s crazy!! We get it! Don’t worry, we are here to make sure you have all the information you need to…

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Your fall period survival guide. ?☕️

Is it just us, or do periods seem a little rougher in the fall? Cramps seem to be more unbearable, there is a camping weekend or 5k fundraiser looming around every corner, and countless family reunions are in the books… who invited Aunt Flo?! ?? Sometimes, even with your handy dandy Pixie Cup by your…

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What in the world is Pixie Cup?

girls wearing pixie t-shirts smiling

Prepare yourself, because we’re starting off huge. Our goal is to get a Pixie Cup in the hands of every woman on the planet. *insert mad cheers and clapping* Every. Woman. On. The. Planet!  You’re probably thinking, “Umm, guys that’s really cool… but what IS a Pixie Cup (and how can I get one)?” Let’s…

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