Stains are everywhere. I have adorable stains on my cookbooks from double chocolate cookie baking escapades, and coffee stains on some shoes from dashing across a room when my cup is a little too full! Sometimes I get ink stains on my fingers from writing letters, or lipstick stains on a cozy mug of hot chocolate. Those are the nice kind of stains.

stains go away

Even though stains are a part of life, some of them drive us crazy – soap can stain the bathtub, spaghetti sauce dooms a white shirt to the sad life of rag-dom, and yes… we can find our adorable menstrual cups turning a not-so-nice shade after a few months.

If you are reading this because you have the menstrual cup stain issue, don’t worry! We have a few tips and tricks to keep your cup sparkling clean and stain-free!

1. Prevent, prevent, prevent!

The best way to keep your cup stain-free is to do your best to prevent them! In addition to rinsing your cup each day and sanitizing before and after each period, make sure you are giving your cup a scrub in the areas that often experience buildup such as around the rim and in the grooves of the stem. Also, try to minimize the amount of time the cup is exposed to the air without a thorough cleaning because this can lead to darkening of the silicone.

2. Give it a scrub.

You may think your cup is beyond saving, but we want to assure you most stains can come off! Are you ready for one of our best stain-removal hacks? Here we go: grab an old toothbrush and scrub your cup with a little warm water and some silicone-safe cleaning solution! You will be surprised how much of the “staining” comes off with this technique!

3. Let it soak.

We all need a steamy bath sometimes, even your menstrual cup! Squirt a little of the cleaning solution mentioned in Step 2 into a bowl or your Pixie Cup Cup with some hot water and let it soak for a few hours! Pair this with a good scrub and you can say goodbye to some tough stains!

We encounter many stains in our lifetime, but menstrual cup stains are the best. You don’t agree? Think about it this way – the stains on your cup represent countless days of living in period freedom, and I’d rather have a stained Pixie Cup than all the bleached-white cotton tampons in the world.

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