“Help, I think my menstrual cup is stuck!”

Don’t freak out yet! Just breathe deep, because it’s going to be ok, and we are about to tell you why.

Your Pixie Cup can only go so far before it reaches your cervix, and guess what, folks? That’s the end of the tunnel. There’s nowhere else for it to go!

We get it. It’s easy to feel like since you can’t see inside your vaginal canal, it could eventually reach your stomach and other unseen and mysterious areas. The truth is, if you can put your Pixie Cup in, you can also get it out.

That being said, sometimes you might feel, like Gabrielle, that your Pixie Cup is a little “out of reach” but don’t worry, you and menstrual cups ARE meant to be.

With no further ado, here are 5 tips for retrieving your menstrual cup while maintaining precious sanity.

menstrual cup stuck

1. Relax, and take time to breathe

“WHAT? But I can’t reach…” Don’t worry. The best thing you can do is relax, because your muscles will relax too and, before you know it, that cup will be back safe in your hands. Seriously, it will be okay.

2. Bear down

Not the grizzly kind… we are talking “bear children” kind of bear down (although sometimes a bear hug is welcome at this point). ???? To bear down, just focus pressure downwards. It’s going to feel something like the “pushing” of a BM. This will help your muscles to gently press your cup lower so you can reach it.

3. Take a squat

This really works. Just get as low as you can to the ground, and chances are that stem will be within reach! A good place to do this is the shower. You also can lift just one leg onto the edge of the bathtub which will help by lowering your cervix.

4. Gently break the seal

If you are tugging on your cup and it won’t budge, it has likely formed a tight seal or possibly suctioned to your cervix. Don’t panic. Your cup will come out, but simply pulling on your cup without breaking the suction won’t do the job. You must break the seal. Reach up and, if you can, use a finger to press the side of the cup and break the suction. It might help to get your hand as dry as possible so that it isn’t slippery.

5. DO NOT use random items to remove your cup

However tempting it might be to grab tweezers or a spoon or something on your bathroom counter to help you reach your cup, don’t do it! The vaginal canal is a sensitive area, and you don’t want to risk injuring yourself or causing infection.

If you follow these steps (remember to RELAX) your cup should drop down and be “accessible” in no time!

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