Meet Our Team

It's time to see the faces behind the mission! We are a team of individuals who dream big, work hard, and have fun along the way!


Amber | Co-Founder

Hey Pixie Squad, I’m Amber and I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, I am filled with gratitude and I’m more excited every day as I see women around the world experiencing period freedom because of this company. It’s such a dream come true!

My brother Benjamin and I started Pixie Cup after I spent some time traveling around the world, and saw a desperate need for reusable period products. It broke my heart that women were not able to go to school or work for days each month, just because they were female and had a menstrual cycle. I was not going to let that continue if I had anything to do with it! I was an amateur boxer in college and even though my days in the ring are long done, I'm still a fighter at heart. Pixie Cup is my way of fighting for period freedom for women all around the world!

I am absolutely an adrenaline junkie who is always looking for the next rush. My most recent hobby is skateboarding and I recently turned our family's haybarn into a skateboarding adventure zone. It’s SO COOL! I also love snowboarding and my biggest bucket list item right now is to go heliboarding. <3


Benjamin | Co-Founder

Hey everybody, I’m Benjamin! You’re probably wondering “Umm, how and why is a dude a co-founder of a feminine hygiene company!?” I’m still wondering the same thing. You would not believe the looks and faces I get when people ask me what I do.

It may surprise you to learn that I actually love what I do. I am blessed to be part of a movement that is impacting lives all around the world and love seeing the difference that Pixie Cup is making in so many lives. My sister and I have a blast leading a team of people who go above and beyond what we could expect or imagine. We couldn’t do this without them and I’m truly grateful for the team we have around us.

I love business and real estate, that’s all I do now aside from the super fun - probably also stupid  - activities I enjoy. I skydive and love spearfishing. My next fish is a Marlin, or maybe I’ll decide to try spearing a Tuna. I’m an avid skier and Amber has recently dragged me into skateboarding, which to my surprise I’m really enjoying. Above all, I love Jesus. He’s completely changed my life and I give Him the glory for all I do.


Candace | Digital Brand Manager

Candace reigns in the social media world of Pixie Cup! If you found us through Facebook or Instagram, you probably have Candace to thank. When she isn’t posting stories or planning a campaign, you’ll find her enjoying true crime books and podcasts. Her favorite (and most insane) adventure is having five kids, all of whom were born in water! She keeps her adventures inside - except roller coasters - because mosquitos are far too dangerous. 😉


Jill | Customer Service Ninja

Also known as "official problem solver," Jill is the person you're going to talk to if you need anything! When she's not busy saving the world, you'll find her planning her next adventure of van living. Fun facts: Jill cooked three meals a day for her family at the age of eight. Her favorite flower is a sunflower because they follow the sun, they make food, and they are happy and bright... kinda like her!

Rochelle Pixie Cup

Rochelle | Influencer Marketing Specialist

Rochelle is the one that keeps everyone connected! She is fantastic at spreading the word about Pixie Cups through the world, and building relationships with all of you! When she’s not connecting with Pixie Cup girls around the world, she is probably singing with her Carmensita (indie band) or playing with her 14 dogs and 7 cats! Rochelle loves cooking as much as she loves writing songs. 


Laura | Content Creation Manager

If you’ve read the Pixie Cup blog, emails, ebook or… well, anything, Laura probably wrote them. When she’s not trying to think of a new way to describe a menstrual cup, you’ll probably find her curled up with a pile of classic literature and a huge cup of coffee. While definitely a word-obsessed introvert, Laura loves to experience new adventures with her husband, from climbing 14ers in Colorado to caving in the middle of nowhere. Her dad talked her into taking accordion lessons fifteen years ago and she is still laughing about it… and still playing the accordion.


Meg | Brand Ambassador

If you follow us on social media, you probably know Meg by her smile and super cool style. Meg is totally rad on video and guides the Pixie Squad through the FAQs of menstrual cups on YouTube and Instagram! Meg is at ease in front of the camera and also behind the mic! In her spare time, she is a songwriter, writing music for her own musical project and also for other artists in Los Angeles! She has been vegan for two years and is passionate about animals and keeping the planet green. Meg’s favorite adventure is road tripping with her husband and golden doodle without a plan. 🙂

Jared English

Jared | Web Designer

Jared is the brain behind the Pixie Cup website and is the one to thank for quick loading time and amazing branding! When Jared isn’t saving the world from an online catastrophe, you’ll probably find him tinkering with his dirt bike or working on ways to make his car drive faster. He’s basically a genius in everything. Jared has his pilot’s license and loves to fly, but his favorite activity at the moment is wakeboarding! Jared is married to Co-Founder Amber, and is probably adventuring somewhere in the world with her at this moment.

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