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How to use your cloth pads

The concept of a reusable cloth pad is the same as a single-use disposable pad. They are designed to fit in your underwear, snap securely in place, and absorb your menstrual flow.

Washing reusable menstrual pads is actually simple! Rinse your pad after removal and toss it into a wet bag (we include one!) until you’re ready to do the laundry.

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Everything you need to know about cloth pads

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Because every body is different, Pixie Cup comes in multiple types and sizes. Our quick 8-question quiz will help you determine which cup best suits your body and your lifestyle.

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Cloth pads FAQs

How do I clean cloth pads?

Wash your cloth pads with cold water and hang them up to dry. Learn more on our blog.

Can these be used as incontinence pads?

Yes, you can use your cloth pads as incontinence pads. We still recommend you wash them in cold water and change them out regularly.

How can I change my cloth pads while I’m not at home?

We recommend keeping your wet bag (included with your pads) in your purse or backpack. Simply fold your used pads (you can snap them closed) and put them in your wet bag so they won’t make a mess in your purse. Make sure to take them out and wash them when you get home!

How do you get rid of odor and stains?

To remove stains, we recommend washing your pads with cold water, vinegar, and baking soda. Hang them to dry and let them dry completely.

Do you have other sizes?

Yes! Our pads are available in Panty Liners, Day Pads and Overnight sizes.

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