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Sterilizing Container

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The Pixie Cup Sterilizing Container will fit your Diva Cup, Lunette, Lena, Blossom, and most silicone menstrual cups. INSTRUCTIONS: Unfold the sanitizing container and set on countertop. Place menstrual cup in the sanitizing container and add Pixie Cup Wash or any organic silicone-safe soap. Boil water separately and pour over menstrual cup. Let soak for a minimum of 5 minutes. Remove and rinse your newly sanitized menstrual cup. Our sanitizing container is completely microwave safe. 
  • Your designated sterilizing container to clean your Diva Cup or any silicone menstrual cup.
  • An easy way to clean your cup in public restrooms! Fill with water, and take it in the stall with you to clean it on the go.
  • Or use it to sanitize your cup at home. Just pop open the container and pour boiling water over your menstrual cup.
  • Add Pixie Cup Wash or your favorite organic silicone-safe cleaning solution.
  • Made from medical-grade silicone, this collapsible cup is completely microwave safe.


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