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Can I sleep with a menstrual cup?

Can I sleep with a menstrual cup?

You probably know the feeling. You’re snuggled up in your bed, head buried cozily in the pillow, but something pulls you out of your comfy rest. Something is nagging at the back of your mind, prompting you that you’re forgetting something. Then, it hits you! You suddenly realize that the time has come; your tampon has reached its limit and you have exactly 2.5 seconds to race to the bathroom before incriminating evidence alerts the world that it is day 2 of your period!

If you are a woman, you have probably experienced the panicked race to the restroom at least once in your life thus far, if not once a month. ????‍♀️❤️


We have helped you to find the perfect menstrual cup size for your body, and gave you tips on how to navigate a public restroom on your period, mess-free! Today we would like to share with you some tips on escaping that midnight period race once and for all. *insert wild cheering*

1. Use a menstrual cup

A menstrual cup holds approximately triple (or more) the amount of fluid that a tampon can hold! For example our Small Pixie Cup Luxe holds 15ml of fluid, while a normal tampon will hold about 5 ml. With so much more capacity, you can rest and sleep undisturbed for three times the amount of time that you could with a tampon!

2. Change your cup before bed

We often recommend that you change your cup each morning and evening so you don’t go too long without cleaning it. Your Pixie Cup is completely safe to use, but it’s always good to keep things fresh and clean so don’t go more than 12 hours without changing it. If you’re on a heavier day of your period, consider changing your cup right before bed so you can sleep the most hours possible without needing to empty your cup.

3. Use a little extra protection

Some of us have such a heavy flow that on those certain days of the period it’s near impossible to make it 8 hours without changing the cup. If this is you, it might be a good idea to invest in a pair of period underwear or some Pixie Pads to guarantee that no accidents interrupt your sleep during the night.

4. Ease your cramps with essential oils

Sometimes it isn’t the flow so much as those darn cramps that wake you up in the middle of the night. Try using a little peppermint essential oil (diluted with coconut oil – and make sure it’s safe for topical use) on your stomach before bed to help ease those cramp pains.

We hope these tips are helpful to you as you head into your week of period adventures! If you have some #lifehacks or advice for deep sleep during your period, share them with us in the comments!

“Help, I think it’s stuck!” Menstrual Cup Removal Tips

“Help, I think it’s stuck!” Menstrual Cup Removal Tips

“Help, I think my menstrual cup is stuck!”

Don’t freak out yet! Just breathe deep, because it’s going to be ok, and we are about to tell you why.

Your Pixie Cup can only go so far before it reaches your cervix, and guess what, folks? That’s the end of the tunnel. There’s nowhere else for it to go!

We get it. It’s easy to feel like since you can’t see inside your vaginal canal, it could eventually reach your stomach and other unseen and mysterious areas. The truth is, if you can put your Pixie Cup in, you can also get it out.

That being said, sometimes you might feel, like Gabrielle, that your Pixie Cup is a little “out of reach” but don’t worry, you and menstrual cups ARE meant to be.

With no further ado, here are 5 tips for retrieving your menstrual cup while maintaining precious sanity.

menstrual cup stuck

1. Relax, and take time to breathe

“WHAT? But I can’t reach…” Don’t worry. The best thing you can do is relax, because your muscles will relax too and, before you know it, that cup will be back safe in your hands. If you are too tense, all of your muscles are contracted and will actually grip onto the period cup.

2. Do not bear down

Doctors’ concern with bearing down when under stress is that it’s not good for all the organs and muscles in the pelvic region. When you have a bowel movement or are giving birth, your muscles work together naturally, and are not being forced. While prolapse of the pelvic muscles is rare, physicians are trying to pinpoint what exactly can cause this.

3. Take a squat

This really works. Just get as low as you can to the ground, and chances are that stem will be within reach! A good place to do this is the shower. You also can lift just one leg onto the edge of the bathtub which will help by lowering your cervix.

4. Gently break the seal

This is super important! Breaking the seal (once it’s in reach) can be achieved by pinching the base of the cup or by sticking a finger up the side of the cup. Listen for the sound of air leaking and that means the seal is broken. Pulling on a sealed cup will strain the muscles. Your cup will come out, but simply pulling on your cup without breaking the seal won’t do the job.

If you can’t break the seal by pinching the base or pushing on the side of the cup, try inserting one finger higher until you can feel the rim of the cup. Gently push in the rim, similar to the process used for the punch-down fold, until you hear the seal break. 

5. DO NOT use random items to remove your cup

However tempting it might be to grab tweezers or a spoon or something on your bathroom counter to help you reach your cup, don’t do it! The vaginal canal is a sensitive area, and you don’t want to risk injuring yourself or causing infection.

If you follow these steps (remember to RELAX) your cup should drop down and be “accessible” in no time!