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Pixie Cup Luxe

(3 customer reviews)

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The Pixie Cup is a reusable menstrual cup that collects fluids safely and securely inside the cup. Instead of using disposable pads or tampons, you can just empty your cup, wash it, and reuse it.

Pixie Cup Luxe was designed with a shorter stem and a soft, flexible material, making it perfect for users with a lower cervix.

Choosing Your Size:

There are two Luxe sizes available, and most women can wear either Pixie Cup size. Choose your size primarily based on flow amount, cervix height, and general physique.

SMALL LUXE: Pixie Small is perfect for first-time cup users, women with a low cervix, teenagers, and women with a light to normal flow.

LARGE LUXE: Pixie Large is ideal for women over 30, those who have given birth vaginally, women with a higher cervix height, or women with a heavier flow.

LUXE COMBO PACK: The Pixie Cup Luxe Combo Pack includes both Large & Small Pixie Cups!

The Pixie Cup is perfect for all activities including yoga, swimming, hiking and camping. The cup creates a comfortable seal that prevents leakage without irritating and drying out the natural lining of your vaginal walls.

Please note: Our website ships to the contiguous US only. To purchase Pixie Cup products elsewhere, please visit Amazon. Can’t find us in your country? Please let us know!

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Box Contents

Each Pixie Cup comes with an adorable cotton bag for storing your cup away when you’re not using it. The instruction manual is easy-to-read and illustrated so you can feel confident about using your cup before your period even starts. You’ll also receive some free Pixie Wipes so you can easily clean your cup on-the-go! 

That’s it! You are ready to travel and feel confident in always having a clean reusable cup that fits your period’s every need.

Welcome to the freedom of Pixie.

Buy One Give One

When you buy a Pixie Cup, we give a second cup to a woman in need. Your purchase gives period freedom to two, for the price of one. We won’t rest until we get a Pixie Cup in the hand of EVERY woman in need. We find our inspiration from Acts 20:35: “…It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Thank you for helping us help others.


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3 reviews for Pixie Cup Luxe

  1. Jen L.

    I LOVE this cup! I originally started with the standard Pixie cup in size small since I was 29 and had never had children. It was a bit more rigid, and the stem was a little bothersome. I also found that when I came off of birth control, my periods became heavier and I needed to move up a size. Enter the Pixie cup luxe. Oh. My. Goodness. I got a large because of my heavier flow. At first I was a little worried about sticking anything labeled “large” up there, but the luxe is not quite as rigid (in my opinion) and much more comfortable than my original small. Also the stem is a bit shorter and doesn’t bother me at all, and I’ve even gone bike riding with it in – that was the true test! I never thought I’d want to talk to all of my friends about menstrual cups and period products, but these products have changed my way of life during my period, so I am constantly chatting up my friends, hoping to get them to make the switch because it is truly SO worth it.

  2. Felicia (verified owner)

    I think i might have found my Goldilocks! I am new to cups but have trialed multiple cups but never had great success. I read some reviews about the Luxe Pixie Cup working well for those with a tilted cervix. So i thought “ doesn’t hurt to try”. Well i ordered a small and had a pretty good experience but knew i should of ordered the regular size. I contacted customer service with the issues i was experiencing … they were very helpful and offered to send out a new cup in the desired size for FREE! I’m glad to report the Luxe cup is working amazingly this cycle. The customer service was such a big support to continuing my cup adventure.

  3. Anna

    I writing this review purely because I rely so heavily on reviews before buying something. First off, I am a new cup user. I got this cup because it came up when looking up good cups for newbies/teens and it was affordable (and it’s on amazon prime). The thing that put them over the edge of the other cups I could have bought was the fact that the give a cup to a woman in need – I love that. As far as how well it works, it took me many uncomfortable attempts to get it in but once it was in I couldn’t really feel it and I never had a problem with it popping open, by the end of my cycle I had a quick painless insertion method. It lasted for 12 hours (overnight) and didn’t leak at all! I’ve never been leak-free through on night #1 so that was amazing. Taking it out was quite tricky and uncomfortable, to begin with, but I got used to it and got better at it. You do have to be pretty comfy with your body and sorting things out down there, I thought it would gross me out much more than it actually did, it’s really not that weird. The ONLY negative is it’s a little tricky to get out because the base of the cup is so smooth its hard to get a good grip on it. Also, I don’t think the color will last 10 years because after one cycle (fairly heavy and dark blood mind you) it was a tiny bit discolored but I really don’t care if it fades because it’s either in a drawer or in me. Overall I would definitely recommend this as a first cup, I plan to keep using it. (never going back to pads and tampons!!!) I might try more cups to see what’s out there because I loved this so much but this will definitly remain in my monthly necessities. ALSO – the customer service is so great and kind to deal with, they really care about customer satisfaction,

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