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Menstrual Cup FAQs

Welcome to our Menstrual Cup FAQs page! Do you have any questions about menstrual cups? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our friendly and approachable FAQ section is designed to answer all of your queries about menstrual cups.

From inserting and cleaning a menstrual cup to discovering helpful tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered. And if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

How long can I wear my Pixie Cup?

A Pixie Cup can be worn for a maximum of 12 hours at a time before removing to cleanse. We recommend that you empty it at least 2-3 times a day.

Should I use the Classic Pixie Cup or Soft Pixie Cup?

Pixie Cup comes in two different styles: Classic & Soft

  • The Classic Pixie Cup is made with a firmer silicone, making it pop open into place easily. Our Classic Cup comes in three sizes: Teen/XS, Small, Large, and Extra Large.
  • The Soft Pixie is ideal for women with a more sensitive anatomy. Our Soft Cups are made with a softer silicone and a thinner body. Our Soft cup comes in two sizes: Small and Large. 

What size should I get?

Choosing which size you need is one of the most popular Menstrual Cup FAQs, and it can be tricky since we are all unique. We recommend choosing your size based on flow amount and body anatomy. Check out our Menstrual Cup Quiz for an individualized recommendation.

  • Teen or Petite Anatomy: We recommend our Teen/XS Classic Cup.
  • Light flow: Choose a Small Classic Cup or Small Soft Cup. Low cervix? Our small cups are perfect for those with a low cervix.
  • Average flow: Choose a Classic Large or Soft Large. Large size cups hold 5ml more fluid than the small sizes, so you’ll have to empty it less often. 
  • Heavy flow: We made the Pixie Cup Extra Large just for you. It holds 5 ml more than the large and it’ll be your best friend!

If the stem on any of our cups irritates you, simply trim it and file it down or flip the cup inside out before inserting.

How do I sterilize a Pixie Cup?

The most common method is boiling your cup. It’s cost-effective and efficient. If using a metal pan, do not let the cup touch the bottom or side

Before each month’s use, it’s important to sterilize your cup. This keeps any bacteria from setting up camp on your cup and prevents infection.

The most common method of sterilizing is boiling your cup. If using a metal pan on the stove, do not let the cup touch the bottom or side of the pan.

If you aren’t a fan of using your kitchenware for cleaning your period products, we’ve curated several other options for you. 

Our Carry Cups are the perfect container for boiling your cup. Simply boil water in a kettle, fill your Carry Cup, and submerge your cup inside. Wait 5 minutes, and viola! Your cup is sterilized and ready to use.

Our Pixie Cup Steamers sterilizes your cup in a few short minutes with the simple click of a button! Curious?

Not near an outlet? Use our Pixie Cup Spray. Simply spritz your cup, wait two minutes and you’re ready to go.

How do I cleanse my cup between uses?

You can also use an all natural soap to clean your cup. When choosing a wash or soap to clean your cup, make sure it is silicone-safe and as gentle as possible. Our Gel Wash is formulated to thoroughly cleanse your cup and you! Hypoallergenic, pH Balanced, and Plant-Based, our Gel Wash is the soap to replace all other soaps.

How do I fold my cup?

There are so many different ways to fold your cup, and everyone has a different preference! As your Pixie Cup becomes an old friend, you will find your perfect way to fold, but here are some starter folds!

Fold 1: Grip the rim of the cup with your thumbs and index fingers of both hands and fold the cup in half to resemble the figure in Fold 1 (it will look like a little heart).

Fold 2: Place your index finger on the top of the rim and press inwards to the base of the cup forming a triangle.

Can I wear a Pixie Cup while urinating or during intercourse?

Whether you’re urinating or having a bowel movement, it’s perfectly fine to wear your Pixie Cup. However, since the cup sits in the vaginal canal, it’s important to remove it prior to intercourse. (Need a period product that allows no-mess period sex? Check out our Pixie Disc!)

Can I wear it with an IUD?

Yes, the Pixie Cup can be safely worn with an IUD. However, as with all vaginal products, there is a small chance of IUD dislocation. We recommend talking to your gynecologist about using your Pixie Cup with an IUD and possibly having your IUD strings trimmed slightly

Illustration of an IUD contraceptive device

Help, I think it’s stuck!

If you are tugging on your cup and it won’t budge, it has likely formed a tight seal or possibly suctioned to your cervix. Don’t panic. Relax – seriously, relax. If you’re tense, your vaginal muscles are also tense, making it even harder to remove your cup.

Your cup cannot get lost or start floating around your body. It will stop at your cervix, and go no higher. Your cup will come out, but simply pulling on your cup without breaking the suction won’t do the job. You must break the seal. Start by getting in a squat position, which will bring your cervix as low as possible. Reach up, grab the stem, and wiggle it as far down as you can. Use a finger to press the side of the cup and break the suction. Once you break the suction, grab the stem and wiggle it the rest of the way out.

Why does my cup fall out?

This may be related to the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. A successful experience with a menstrual cup depends on vaginal muscles for proper positioning and retention. If your pelvic floor muscles are weak, the cup may tend to slip down or even fall out.

Here are a few potential solutions to consider:

  • Try a Larger Cup Size – Sometimes, switching to a larger cup size can help to keep the cup in place and not fall down or out.
  • ]Pelvic Floor Strengthening – Our Kegel Weights can assist in strengthening your pelvic floor, so that your vaginal muscles are better equipped to hold your cup in place.

Why is my Pixie Cup uncomfortable or painful?

This is usually a sign that your cup is too big and may cause some discomfort or even cause cramps to worsen. Once you size down, you won’t even notice your cup!

If you sense that the irritation you’re experiencing is from the removal stem, you can cut it off and file it down. Or you can flip your cup inside out so you don’t have to worry about it.

Can the cup get lost in my vagina?

You’d be surprised how often we get this question! Don’t worry, your cup can’t go too far! If you check out this diagram, you’ll quickly see that your vaginal canal really isn’t that long, and it dead-ends at your cervix. If you can’t “find” your menstrual cup, gently bear down (like you do with a bowel movement) to lower your cervix and bring your cup within reach.

When should I replace my Pixie Cup?

Yes, the rumors are true! The manufacturer has designed your Pixie Cup to last for ten years. As with cars, relationships, and basically everything else, cups last if you take care of them. We recommend that you use the Pixie Cup Wash, or another gentle cleanser, several times during your cycle to prevent stains. You should also sanitize your cup thoroughly before and after each cycle (we recommend boiling it or steaming it with the Pixie Cup Steamer). Store your cup in a cool, dry place and give it a good look over every couple of months. Every few months, use our Menstrual Cup Stain Remover to make your cup sparkle like new.

How do I keep my cup from smelling bad?

Maintaining cleanliness is crucial to keep your cup odor-free. Silicone is known to retain smell! The best way to prevent this (and stains) would be to always rinse the cup with cold water before using hot. This step is crucial to keep odor and stains away. Using hot water will basically set the smell/stains into the silicone. It’s also important to sanitize your cup thoroughly during and between periods. Boiling your cup or sterilizing it with the Pixie Cup Steamer are the most effective ways to kill the bacteria that leads to odors. Additionally, soaking it overnight in diluted vinegar (7 parts vinegar to 1 part water) is another option to consider.

Should I use a lubricant?

If you’re having difficulty inserting your Pixie Cup, use a water-based lubricant like our Pixie Cup Lube. Applying lubricant to your cup can provide the extra slick coating it needs to slide in with ease. Simply squirt a small amount of lubricant on your finger and lightly coat the rim and exterior of your cup before insertion.

Tampons hurt me, will a cup hurt, too?

Numerous factors can contribute to tampon discomfort and pain. You’re sticking a dry, rough, cotton stick into your vagina that’s designed to absorb fluid. Your Pixie Cup is made of soft, gentle silicone that is flexible and designed to bend and move with your body while staying upright to prevent spills.

If tampons hurt to insert, your Pixie Cup may be the answer to your period prayers! And as mentioned above, a little lube goes a long way in making insertion a breeze.

What do I do if my cup moves up or falls down?

If you are noticing that your cup moves up or down a lot inside your vagina, your cup is not sealing correctly within your vaginal walls. Trying a different fold might help you get a better seal. If you’re still noticing a lot of movement, try a larger cup size. Keep in mind, some movement of your cup is completely normal! Your body will naturally nudge your Pixie Cup where it sits best in your vaginal canal.

How do I measure my cervix?

We have an easy test to figure out your cervix height.

Insert your finger into the vaginal opening. You can identify a low cervix if you are able to reach it with your first knuckle. For a cervix at an average height, you should be able to reach it with the second knuckle of your finger. On the other hand, a high cervix is indicated if you reach it past your second knuckle or cannot reach it at all.

Will the Pixie Cup work with my tilted uterus?

This completely depends on your body and how your Pixie Cup fits you! We actually wrote an entire blog post on tips for using a PIxie Cup with a retroverted uterus.

Some women who have a tilted uterus find that their cup is not able to seal properly, and others have no issues at all! In case you have a tilted uterus, feel free to give your menstrual cup a try, as you are unlikely to encounter any issues! If you do experience leaking or pain with your cup, remember that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will be happy to give you a full refund!

Can teens use a cup?

Yes, absolutely! We actually have a Guide for Teens to help make using a period cup a little more fun and a little less scary.

Can I use a cup for menopause?

A Pixie Cup is helpful for women who are beginning to experience perimenopause. During this time, your cycle will become more irregular and will begin to fluctuate between heavy and light flow amounts. When you use a menstrual cup, you’ll be ready for that unpredictable flow whenever it comes!

Yoga and inversions?

Indeed, if you’re wondering whether you can do yoga inversions while using a menstrual cup, the answer is yes! The cup seals around your vaginal walls and creates a leak-free seal. Enjoy that flexibility!

Can you swim with a menstrual cup?

This is one of the BEST things about menstrual cups!

You can splish and splash and take a bath with no fear of leaks, as your menstrual cup has you covered! Insert your cup and make sure to gently wipe away any excess blood to prevent spotting. With a Pixie Cup, you’re free to swim in freedom!

Are the silicone and dyes in the cups safe?

TWe manufacture our silicone products using only 100% medical-grade silicone that the FDA approves and that meets all relevant regulations and requirements. Our colored cups contain medically-safe dyes to color the silicone.