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Life Changing. 

Break the cycle + live free every day of the month!

Healthy. Safe.

The Pixie Cup is a non-toxic, eco-friendly and reusable silicone cup that collects your menstrual flow. (Don’t get weirded out yet, we promise this cup really works!!) The rim of the cup creates a seal around your vaginal walls, providing up to 12-hours of leak-free protection. (Crazy, right?!). As a result, Pixie Cup is designed to last for years, and best of all, the Pixie Cup is an affordable and environmentally sustainable alternative to pads and tampons.

We are about to introduce you to the key to a leak free, brilliant, I-can’t-stop-smiling-and-leaping-for-joy period! Dear friend, meet The Pixie Cup.

Pixie Cup Family Photoshoot

The Mission

We are family owned, and based right in the heart of the midwest in a town called Springfield, Missouri!

We passionately empower others, give back, and live free, and we do this through our Buy One Give One Program! You buy a cup and we give one away! We won’t rest until we get a Pixie Cup in the hand of EVERY woman in need.

We find our inspiration from Acts 20:35: “…It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Buy One. Give One.

It’s easy to take menstrual products for granted.

For some women, menstrual products are scarce, but periods are universal.

When you buy a Pixie Cup, we give a second cup to a woman in need. Pixie Cups are the perfect solution for women worldwide who have financial, sanitary, or restroom accessibility needs!

Pixie Cup is more than just a product. It’s a lifestyle of empowering others, giving back, and living free.

Your purchase gives period freedom to two, for the price of one.

Thank you for helping us help others.




Thank you for helping us help others!

We know, Pixie Cups are hard to figure out sometimes.

Basically, we’re your new best friend when it comes to discussing all things period.

100% Happiness Guaranteed

We like to keep it simple. If you aren’t totally happy with our products, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

Your happiness is our priority.

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Coming Fall 2020

The all new Pixie Cup is being developed for distribution in 2020. And, it’s made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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J. Roamer

This is the second Pixie Cup that I ordered. I am 30 but haven’t had any children yet, so I was on the fense about what size to get. I started with the large size, and while it wasn’t teribly uncomfortable, I could still feel it pushing against me (like I always had to pee). Switching to the smaller size helped a lot. So, now I have the larger one for after I have children.


Previously used the Diva cup, but I
switched to this because of the stem. I still had to trim some of the stem off because the cup sits lower in me and poked out uncomfortably. Since then, I haven’t had any discomfort. I’ve been using this cup for a little over a year and I love it. I will not go back to using tampons or sanitary


This cup works good. It is softer / less firm then my other cup so on more crampy days it helps a lot. Because it is softer so it moves with the cramps rather then fighting agains them like former cups do. The suction holes are bigger on this cup then my other cup, so there is more of a “drop” “breaking loose” feeling when it’s full. I will probably be ordering the other sizes soon.