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AI Images of Period Products Don’t Look Right

I bet you’re all familiar with what these period products typically look like, but let’s see if you can guess them based on AI’s imaginative interpretations! Now, there’s not much of an intro to this blog post because, well, it’s basically just a hilarious jab at AI’s early attempts to understand feminine products through its interpretations. But hey, I had a blast writing this and shared some good laughs, so I hope you enjoy these AI images of feminine hygiene products!

AI images of period products

Okay, brace yourselves for some seriously weird stuff from the image! But before I reveal what AI thought these products were, go ahead and drop your guesses in the comments below. I’m genuinely curious if anyone can nail it!

Menstrual Discs

AI generated images of menstrual discs

First up, we’ve got some AI images using the keyword ‘menstrual discs’ – yeah, you read that correctly. If you’re scratching your head wondering what menstrual discs are, they’re kind of like menstrual cups, except you can still have period sex with them, and they don’t create a suction like cups do. By the way, if you’re considering trying one, I’d totally recommend this one from Pixie Cup! You can even take a short 8-question quiz to determine what cup/disc would suit you well! But back to our AI-induced hilarity, I think the poor thing just latched onto the word ‘disc’ and went on a wild creative spree! Seriously, I have no idea how you’d even use this for your period.

Menstrual Cups

AI generated images of menstrual cups

Don’t forget to take a stab at guessing! Next in line, we’ve got the classic menstrual cup, but with a twist, AI images slapped a lid on these bad boys. Maybe we’ll all be preserving our period blood in our menstrual cups in the future. Who knows, right? If you like these images, see more strange images that AI creates!

Period Pads

AI images of pads

Now, onto the obvious yet ridiculously exaggerated version of AI pads. I mean, seriously, none of these would fit in my underwear! And that one AI image on the left? It’s giving me flashbacks to those decorative pillows you use to prop up a crown, except here, it’s just a dainty little pad. Can you imagine a scene where a servant strolls in to offer the queen her menstrual pad? Priceless!


What AI thinks tampons look like

Again, why are they so massive? Nobody’s going to be dealing with that during their period! Plus, did you notice the lady on the left with the extra finger? Just like us, AI struggles to draw hands. You can read more about why this happens here.

Leave a comment about the AI images that had you laughing the hardest! I truly hope you all enjoyed this rollercoaster of AI interpretations as much as I did. And if you’re interested in any period products, don’t forget to browse our shop, where we offer a variety of items, from period cramp relief to menstrual cups!

Jill Brueckner

Jill, a devoted wife residing on a ranch, is passionate about addressing the environmental impact we have on the world. Her commitment extends to not only caring for the planet but also prioritizing the well-being of our bodies, aiming for improved health and a better overall lifestyle.

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