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Reusable Menstrual Cups & Discs

Feel good about what you’re putting in your body. Our menstrual cups & discs can be worn for up to 12 hours – ensuring you’re ready for any adventure.

All-day, leak-free protection

100% Medical-Grade Silicone

Zero-Waste, Carbon-Neutral

Menstrual Cups & Discs

Tampons and pads are out, Menstrual Cups and Discs are in! Reusable, leak-free protection all day and all night.

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Classic Cup XS/Teen

Classic Cup XS/Teen



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Classic Cup Small

Classic Cup Small



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Classic Cup Large

Classic Cup Large



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Classic Cup XL

Classic Cup XL



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Classic Combo Pack

Classic Combo Pack



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Disc Small

Pixie Disc Small



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Disc Large

Pixie Disc Large



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Disc Combo

Pixie Disc Combo



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Soft Cup Small

Soft Cup Small



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Soft Cup Large

Soft Cup Large



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Soft Combo Pack

Soft Combo Pack



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Sophie Steamer + Classic Cup Bundle


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Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Combo Kit

Pixie Combo Kit


$72 $39

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Disc Kit

Pixie Disc Kit


$75 $39

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Teen Kit

Pixie Teen Kit


$62 $34

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Essentials Kit

Essentials Kit


$45 $29

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Gift Set

Pixie Gift Set


$80 $44


Grab the essentials to make cup life simple and easy.

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Spray

Pixie Spray



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Applicator

Pixie Applicator



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Gel Wash

Pixie Gel Wash



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Travel Lube

Travel Lube



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Wipes

Pixie Wipes



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Foam Wash

Pixie Foam Wash



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Cup Dust Stain Remover

Pixie Cup Dust Stain Remover



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Tote

Pixie Tote



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Pads

Pixie Pads




Clean have never been so steamy! Complete sterilization in minutes.

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Sophie Steamer

Pixie Sophie Steamer



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Jayla Steamer

Pixie Jayla Steamer



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Willow Steamer

Pixie Willow Steamer



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Carry Cup

Pixie Carry Cup



Pain Relief

Say goodbye to over the counter pain meds. All-natural cramp relief at the press of a button.

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Stella Thermal

Pixie Stella Thermal



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Eva Thermal

Pixie Eva Thermal



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Mood Support (PMS)

Pixie Mood Support (PMS)



Bladder Control

Developed in conjuction with a pelvic floor therapist, we're here to help you get back to feelling like yourself.

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Kegel Weights

Pixie Kegel Weights



Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Pads

Pixie Pads



Which Pixie Cup product is perfect for you?

Every body is unique. Your flow, cervix position, and activity level can all affect the fit and feel of your cup.

Take our 2-minute quiz to discover which Pixie Product best suits your body and your lifestyle! Plus, you’ll receive an exclusive 25% OFF coupon, just for our quiz takers!

Menstrual Cups: What are they + How do they work!?

Join hundreds of thousands of women who have found period freedom with Menstrual Cups!

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First time menstrual cup user! It was incredibly easy to use, I couldn’t even feel it. I did reach out about getting a different size because I got the large and needed a small. They responded right away and I received my new one within a week!

— Anne Matchell

Why Choose Pixie Cups?


The average menstruator will add 75 lbs of plastic to landfills in their lifetime from period products alone. Menstrual Cups & Discs are reusable, last up to 10 years, and are recyclable.

Reduces Cost

The average woman spends $20 on conventional period products every month – which is 2400 over 10 years. One Pixie Cup or Disc costs around 20 dollars and lasts for 10 years!

Reduces risk of TSS

Pixie Cups and Discs are made from 100% Medical-Grade Silicone. Unlike tampons, Pixie Cups and Discs do not absorb blood — essentially eliminating the risk of TSS.


Customers are living in period freedom thanks to Pixie Products
(and we’re just getting started)

Buy One Give One Program

 We’re on a mission to end period poverty. For every cup that is purchased, we donate one to a woman worthy of period freedom but without the means to purchase a cup for herself. We’ve donated over 177,250 cups so far!

When you purchase a Pixie Cup, you can feel good knowing that your purchase supports our Buy One Give One program

I never leave reviews, but I just had to for this. Easily the best purchase I’ve made. It makes using a menstrual cup and going in public restrooms so much easier. I put some water in the carrying cup before I go in the stall, take out my menstrual cup and put it in the carrier, secure the lid, and shake to rinse my cup. Then just dump the water in the toilet! So easy!! I would highly, highly recommend this product.
– Ashlee

How to insert your Cup

Inserting a cup for the first time can be intimidating

We know inserting a cup for the first time can be intimidating. But take a deep breath, relax (seriously – relaxing will help a ton!), and know you’re joining a community of women who have been right where you are – and now can’t imagine life without their cup! You got this!

How to insert your Disc

There is a slight learning curve when it comes to inserting a disc.

Even if you have used a menstrual cup before, there is a slight learning curve when it comes to inserting a disc. But when you get the hang of it, it’s truly life changing! 

Awesome Customer Service

Our amazing Customer Service team is available every day to answer any questions you have or to troubleshoot any issues you’re trying to resolve. TMI always welcome! Contact us however is most convenient for you

10,000+ Customer Reviews

This is the first and only brand of cups I have ever or plan to ever use! The best thing is that they give a cup to someone in need of menstrual products, who can’t afford to buy it!!

– Mikayla C.

I’ve been a skeptic for years. Definitely won’t go back to tampons.  First attempt (last month) and zero leaks. I even forgot I was on my period.

– Erin M.

I can’t believe how effective this cup is at its job.

– Hope M.

I love it so much that I don’t know what to do with the rest of my pads now.

– Lauren

Never going back to tampons!


I love, love, love my pixie cup! It’s super comfortable, even on heavy flow days.

– The G.

Love this cup. I’ve tried others. This one is the best!

– Customer

This is the only cup that has not leaked for me.

 – JoShama M.

I love this cup! What took me so long to switch?! Not a drop spills;

– Natalie Z.

Why our customers love Pixie Cups?

FDA Approved

Carbon Neutral

Free Shipping $30+

Customer Focused

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insert a cup and what fold should I use?

We recommend the C fold if you are having a hard time getting the cup to “pop” open. The punch-down or the triangle fold are best if you have a smaller opening or experience pain with inserting tampons. The C fold is the most popular and works for most women. Learn more about cup folds on our blog.

Why is my cup leaking?

If your cup has fully opened and it is still leaking, you probably need a bigger cup. If you are having trouble getting your cup to open and you have tried all of our recommended tips, then you likely need a smaller cup.

What if I can’t reach my cup when I try to take it out?

If you’re having trouble reaching your cup, relax your muscles, squat, and try to grab the base of the cup to break the seal. Read how to remove a stuck cup on our blog.

Why is my cup sliding down or falling out?

If your cup is sliding down, you may need a bigger size. However, it’s also possible that you have weak pelvic floor muscles. Learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

How often should you sterilize your cup?

We recommend sterilizing your cup before and after each period. If you are prone to yeast infections, then sterilizing your cup daily is recommended. You can sterilize your cup by boiling it on the stove, or by using our steamer or UV sterilizer. Learn more about sterilizing your cup on our blog.

How can I get rid of cup odor?

Maintain a good habit of cleaning and sterilizing your cup. If your cup has a weird smell that won’t come out with regular cleaning, you can try a vinegar lemon rinse or sunbathing your cup. Learn more about removing cup odor on our blog.

Can I use a cup with an IUD, Nuvaring, or any other inserted birth control?

Yes! You can use a menstrual cup with an IUD. Read more on our blog.

How long do Pixie Cups last?

Our cups can last up to 10 years with proper care.

Can I use the Pixie Disc if I have a tilted cervix?

Yes, the Pixie Disc can be used if you have a tilted cervix since it directly hugs the cervix. The insertion process may be a bit harder to master, but once you have it down, you will not regret it.

Why did my stem break?

Without proper care, the silicone will break at its weakest point, the stem. Also, removing the cup by tugging on the stem without breaking the seal will cause extra stress and may cause the stem to tear or break.

How much does the Pixie Disc hold?

Our reusable disc holds 35ml of fluid or the equivalent of 3 super tampons, the same amount as our XL Pixie Cup!

How does it work?

The disc is held in place by the pubic bone, right below the cervix, directly and securely collecting your blood. It will rest at a slight diagonal angle inside the body.

How do you insert it?
  1. Squeeze the middle to where it looks like a figure 8
  2. Lubricate the top of the disc
  3. Sit on the toilet, squat, or hike one leg up (very difficult to insert while standing)
  4. Make sure your pelvic floor muscles are completely relaxed (if tense at all, it makes insertion much harder). Insert the disc with the tip pointing down towards the ground and gently glide it back as far as it will go.
  5. Using a finger, tuck the rim behind the pubic bone.
Do these work for a short cervix?

Absolutely! These are ideal for those with a short cervix since they directly hug the cervix. However, you may want to trim the stem off. The stem makes these amazing for those with a high cervix but won’t be necessary for a very low cervix.

How to remove it?

This is where the stem design comes in handy! Relax your pelvic floor muscles (this is a MUST), gently pull the stem to lower the disc down to where you can easily reach it, carefully place a finger under both sides of the rim of the disc to glide it the rest of the way out, then dump the contents into the toilet. (This could take some time to completely get the hang of it.)

How to remove it without a stem?

Use a finger to find the rim, then “hook” your finger under the rim and pull down horizontally (sort of like pulling out a drawer). Try to keep the disc parallel with the floor to avoid emptying before you’re ready.

Is it self-emptying?

Yes, the Pixie Disc is self-emptying when using the bathroom because your pelvic floor muscles relax. However, this feature tends to work for some and not for others. It depends on the person.

Can I use the Pixie Disc if I have a high cervix?

Absolutely! The stem design makes this much easier since you won’t have to reach the disc cup body to remove.

Can I use the Pixie Disc if I have a tilted cervix?

Yes, the Pixie Disc can be used if you have a tilted cervix since it directly hugs the cervix. The insertion process may be a bit harder to master, but once you have it down, you will not regret it.

Can the Pixie Disc be used for mess-free period sex?

Absolutely! You will want to trim the stem off first.

HSA & FSA eligible?

Yes! The Pixie Disc is eligible for HSA or FSA.

Does the Pixie Disc use suction?

No, there is not any suction used to keep the disc in place. Unlike a menstrual cup which uses suction to seal in your vaginal canal, the Pixie Disc is held in place by your pubic bone.

Can I use a menstrual disc with an IUD?

IUD users with a low cervix can still use menstrual discs. You may even find them easier to insert and remove. Just make sure your disc stays tucked behind your pubic bone during use, and be gentle when pulling it out.