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Donation Application

Buy One Give One Inquiry

We are so grateful for the many non-profit organizations that we work with, and we are always looking for more, all around the world!

If you are a part of an organization that seeks to help women in need, we would love to hear more about your mission.

Please contact us using this form and include the following information:

  1. Official 501(c)3 Number
  2. The number of women reached by your
    organization and the number of Pixie Cups needed.
  3. Your plan to educate the women on how to use a Pixie Cup (this is an essential step in receiving Pixie Cups).
  4. Our Buy One Give One program enables us to give away cups to women in need. Our customers love this about our company and they love seeing where Pixie Cups go and who they are given to. Would you be able to provide us with photos, videos, or testimonials to use for social media purposes?
  5. Your USA shipping address. (Depending on the country and organization, we can sometimes arrange international shipping.) Can your organization  pay for shipping?

We are excited to learn more about your mission and connect with you further!