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About Us

What is Pixie Cup?

Women spend, on average, 2-3 months out of the year on their period. The Pixie Cup was designed to make those 60-90 days feel like your best days, with nothing holding you back. Since you are unique, you should have access to period products that fit your specific needs and activity level. Pixie Cup offers a variety of menstrual cups and period products that are designed to empower women to live in freedom every day of the year. Whether you love hiking, swimming, or prefer Netflix-style marathons, we have a cup for you.

Our Story

Like all good things, Pixie Cup started with a dream. While backpacking across the world after graduate school, Amber English began to see a universal need for access to period products. Women were missing school and staying home from work because they didn’t have access to affordable period hygiene. Even in countries where period products were more accessible, there was a massive issue of excess waste. The solution? Menstrual cups. They reduce period waste to almost ZERO and are reusable for up to ten years! And, with proper training, they can be sanitized with boiling water alone.

Amber returned home from her travels with a renewed vision. Together, she and her brother, Ben Moore, founded Pixie Cup with the goal of putting a menstrual cup in the hands of every woman on the planet.

Pixie Cup is a family-owned business, based out of the midwest, with a unique mission: empower others, give back, and live free. Our core motivation comes from a desire to serve women across the world, and we do that by providing affordable, waste-reducing period products to all women, and FREE menstrual cups to women in need across the world through our Buy One, Give One program. For every cup purchased, we give one cup away, completely free, to a woman in need.

We find our inspiration from Acts 20:35: “…It is more blessed to give than to receive.” This verse is inscribed on the inside of our cups as a reminder of the Pixie Cup that was gifted to someone in need. When you invest in a Pixie Cup, you invest in period freedom for yourself + one.