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Your Best Options for Period Cramp Heating Belts

Heating belts have become increasingly popular for providing more natural cramp relief. Among the many options available, three stand out: Pixie Cup Eva Thermal, Stella Thermal, and The Bella! In this blog post, I will dive into the features of each, helping you understand which will work best for you!

Stella Thermal

Let’s start this off with the Stella Thermal. This one resembles your typical heating belts, featuring a built-in battery and a soft, fabric side that comes in contact with your skin, preventing it from feeling cold to the touch. The built-in battery makes it convenient to use. 

This Stella stands out due to its longer battery life, lasting up to 5 hours without needing a charge, and offering three vibration settings to help soothe period cramps. This is noteworthy compared to the typical 3-hour lifespan of most heating belts. It also has a higher heat setting compared to the rest of the thermals, being 10 degrees hotter. Simply recharge the battery whenever you need it!Another feature of the Stella is the inclusion of herbal packs made from Chinese herbs, designed to relax your muscles when exposed to heat. Chinese herbs are also said to help reduce pain and inflammation. People have raved about the herbal packs, and I have to say I agree with them!

“I loved this product. I like that the band is adjustable and soft. At first, the lowest setting was a little too hot for me, but then I added the herbal pack provided and it worked as an amazing buffer. I loved the herbal pack. It reminded me of green tea. I cannot wait to continue using this product. It also works well with everyday stomach cramps.” – Courtney

Eva Thermal

The Eva Thermal is a portable design, running off a 5000mAh Power Bank. The significance lies in the fact that, while the Eva itself doesn’t include an extra battery, you can easily purchase one of these batteries and switch them out once they’ve depleted their juice. This means you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge before using your amazing cramp relief device again. Three hours of period cramp relief, it’s your USB rechargeable escape with five massage vibrations for deep muscle relaxation. Vibrations have been known to penetrate chronically tense muscles, which forces them to contract and relax.

Being one of the thinnest thermal belts out there makes it more discreet for wearing under your clothes and out in public without anyone being the wiser. Please see the picture below showing the difference between a typical heat belt size and the Eva size. You can also see that the Eva Belt covers a larger surface area than your normal heating belt.

Another reason why this heating belt is so popular is the added Herbal Packs – the secret sauce for ultimate soothing bliss. These herbal packs are made with Chinese herbs designed to relax your muscles when encountered with heat from the Eva Thermal. The herbal packs smell just like most herbal teas, adding to the coziness of these heating belts.

If you are looking for specifics on this product, I have written them below, but overall, this is my favorite belt of the three for the reasons written above.

Bella Thermal

Introducing the Bella Thermal – a period companion crafted from soft and ultra-flexible t-shirt material. Unlike the other two thermals I have discussed, this one does not include a massage setting. However, some women consider this a plus, as they’ve mentioned that massage settings on other belts can be too loud for public use, even if they provide more relief.

Soft and flexible, the Bella Thermal comfortably wraps around your lower abdomen, lower back, or waist to relieve period pain. You can also wrap the Bella around your leg or arm for muscle soreness, which is great after a hard workout.

Its versatility shines through as it can be powered by a battery or an electrical outlet via a USB adapter, offering up to 1.5 hours of continuous relief. To explain how amazing this is, you can plug it into your computer while working or studying, eliminating the need to switch out a battery or remove the device to charge it. Essentially, it offers unlimited time with the comfiest heating belt!

It has the largest surface area compared to the other thermals, making it a great help for plus-size women. You can see the image below comparing all of the thermals mentioned in the blog and the coverage that they allow. The last image will provide any more details you may want to know.


Hopefully, this blog post has helped you in choosing the right heating belt for you, and I hope it works well for your lifestyle! I love the Eva thermal for its thin design and the herbal packs, but I know everyone is different! Whichever one you choose, just be confident because Pixie Cup does offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee on all of their products! So, if it doesn’t work for you, contact their customer service at, and they will either refund you or send you a new product!

Jill Brueckner

Jill, a devoted wife residing on a ranch, is passionate about addressing the environmental impact we have on the world. Her commitment extends to not only caring for the planet but also prioritizing the well-being of our bodies, aiming for improved health and a better overall lifestyle.

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