Pixie Wipes


Pixie Wipes are a great accessory for your menstrual cup. With our reasonably priced wipes, you get twice as many wipes as other leading brands.


Pixie Wipes are made for on-the-go purposes — when you don’t have the convenience of boiling or washing your cup with soap. When you are in a tight spot, our Pixie menstrual cup wipes are there to save the day. They easily fit in a wallet, purse, back pocket, or wherever you might want to store them. Simply grab a few and run out the door to continue your day. Nor more worrying about getting stuck somewhere and not being able to clean your cup properly!

Welcome to Pixie, a better way to start your period!

Additional information

Weight4.4 oz
Dimensions12 × 8.75 × 6 in