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Pixie Cup Wash

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Pixie Menstrual Cup Wash is made from 100% all natural plant-based ingredients to ensure the best care for you and your period cup. Our organically sourced ingredients are safe and will protect the material on your silicone menstrual cup as well as leave your sensitive skin clean, soft and well nourished. 

The wash gently washes away odors and bacteria associated with menstruation. Pixie Wash is pH balanced and maintains a pH level of 4, which helps support your body’s natural ability to protect against vaginal infections. This all natural wash is enriched with honeysuckle extract and menthol which helps soothes irritated and dry skin.

The silky soft foaming soap is designed to clean and protect the medial grade silicone on your menstrual cup and other menstrual products such as reusable menstrual pads. Pixie Cup Wash features a calming all natural citrus scent.

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