Get 25% off with code GREENFRIDAY25

Get 25% off with code GREENFRIDAY25

New to menstrual cups? Start here!

We get it, menstrual cups can be confusing at first. But they’re totally worth it! Once you get used to using a menstrual cup, you’ll never go back to messy, wasteful pads and tampons! (I don’t know about you but we are so over that diaper-wearing feeling)

We love our Pixie Cups and we want you to love yours too. We’ve put together tons of free resources to help you learn how to make your menstrual cup work for you and start living free!

Cleaning your Pixie Cup

Every time you use your cup, it’s important to make sure it’s clean and sanitized! How to properly clean your Pixie Cup is probably one of the most important things that you can learn in your menstrual cup journey.  In this guide, we will walk you through all of our cleaning “musts,” as well as a few tips to help you keep your cup stain-free, odor-free, and sparkling clean!

Tips for beginners

Folds, leaks, and menstrual cup smells … oh my! It may seem like a lot to learn, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! Get the best menstrual cup tips for beginners on our blog!

How to make your menstrual cup pop open

The #1 secret to a leak-free period with a menstrual cup? Making your menstrual cup pop open. Try our tips for creating the perfect seal.

Getting rid of the menstrual cup smell

Does your menstrual cup have an unpleasant odor? Don’t worry — there are several things you can do to remove the weird menstrual cup smell!

It’s time to get rid of menstrual cup leaks

Menstrual cups sometimes leak… but you can fix it! Check out our blog post to learn some menstrual cup hacks to make your period experience white-pants approved!

Free download!

Are you ready for the best period of your life?Written by menstrual cup experts and creators of The Pixie Cup, Life Changing Period: a simple guide to anything & everything menstrual cup related is the only resource you need to be able to master your menstrual cup. Download it here for free!

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