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Kegel weights

Everything you need to know about Kegel weights

How do you insert the weights? What kind of exercises can you do with them? It may seem like a lot to learn, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!

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Because every body is different, Pixie Cup comes in multiple types and sizes. Our quick 8-question quiz will help you determine which cup best suits your body and your lifestyle.

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Instruction manual

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Kegel weights

Kegel weight FAQs

How do I wash and sterilize the weights?

Wash the weights with Pixie Wash and thoroughly rinse before using. You can also sterilize them with our UV Sterilizer or Steamer. We recommend the UV sterilizer since the weights take longer to cool after being steamed.

How do I insert a Kegel weight?

Pelvic floor therapist Ali Schermer explains how to insert a Kegel weight in this video:

@mypixiecupHow to use kegel weights! #pelvicfloor #urinaryincontinence #kegels #kegelweights

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What if the lightest weight doesn’t stay in?
If the lightest weight doesn’t stay in, it may mean your pelvic floor is too weak for Kegel Weights. Try the exercises in the manual without the weights until your pelvic floor is strong enough to use a weight. The other possibility is that your pelvic floor is tight pushing the weight out. We do not recommend using Kegel weights if your pelvic floor is tight. Please also check with your gynecologist or pelvic floor therapist!


What do I do if the lightest kegel weight won’t stay in 😳 #pelvicfloor #kegels #kegelweights #kegeltraining #pelvicfloorphysicaltherapy #pelvicheath

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What type of lube can I use with the Kegel weights?

Any personal lubricant will work with the weights. We recommend our Pixie Cup Lube.

Can you use the weights during pregnancy?

Yes, you can use the weights while pregnant, but we always recommend that you talk to your doctor or physical therapist beforehand.

Can you use them after prolapse?

Yes, but it is best to talk to your doctor or pelvic floor therapist before using Kegel weights after prolapse.

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