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Empower others. Give back. Live free.

At Pixie Cup, our mission is to serve women across the world by providing affordable, waste-reducing menstrual products to everyone, as well as free menstrual cups to women in need. For every cup purchased, we give one cup away, completely free, to a woman in need through our Buy One, Give One program.

Our visionary leading ladies, who are featured on our packaging, exemplify our core values of empowering others, giving back, and living free. Their remarkable accomplishments on land, in the air, and in the sea were driven by an unwavering belief in themselves and the desire to make a difference. Unrestrained by conventions of their time, they forged their unique paths in pursuit of lives that were meaningful and true to their convictions.

Gertrude Ederle

The first woman to swim the English channel, beating previous records by over two hours, and held the record for 24 years after her 1926 feat.

Gertrude’s face is currently on these products:

  • Combo Classic Cup Tag

Wangari Maatha

The first woman in Eastern and Central Africa to earn a doctorate degree, the founder of the Green Belt Movement, a social activist and to top it all off, a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Wangari’s face is currently on:

  • Willow Steamer Box
  • Foam Wash & Gel Wash
  • Large Classic Cup Tag

Junko Tabei

The first woman to summit Mt Everest, and to complete the global mountaineering challenge of the Seven Summits. She attempted to reach the top of the highest mountain in each country, conquering some 70 peaks in that list

Junko’s face is currently on:

  • Jayla Steamer Box
  • Kegel Weights Box
  • XL Classic Cup Tag

Jean Batten

She broke records for plane journeys from England to Australia, England to Brazil, and made the first solo flight from England to New Zealand in her trusty Gipsy Moth plane.

Jean’s face is currently on:

  • Small Classic Cup Tag

Sally Ride

Astronaut, USA

First American woman in space. Went on to be a physics professor and founded Sally Ride Science, a company focusing on engaging science education for girls Visuals: space exploration, astronaut gear

Celia Hunter

Conservationist, USA

Alaskan conservationist, became the first female president of a national conservation organisation – the wilderness society.

Celia’s face is currently on:

  • Small Disc Tag

Maria Merian

Science Illustrator, Germany

A natural historian and science illustrator, her focus on the butterfly’s metamorphosis is considered to be one of the first significant contributions to the field of entomology.

Maria’s face is currently on:

  • Large Disc Tag
  • *Butterfly only is on our lube (not Maria’s face)

Ada Lovelace

Mathematician, UK

Regarded as the first computer programmer – known for her work on the ‘Analytical Engine’, a proposed general purpose computer. She published the first algorithm that could be used by a machine to do more than just calculations.

Ada’s face is currently on:

  • XS Cup Tag
  • Sophie Steamer Box
  • Sophie Steamer Bundle (S&L) Boxes

Patricia Bath

Ophthalmologist and Inventor, American

Patricia was the inventor of laser cataract surgery, holder of five patents, and first woman to lead a post grad training programme in ophthalmology.

Anna May Wong

American actress

Anna May Wong was Hollywood’s first Asian-American star. From humble beginnings at her family’s laundromat to walking the red carpet; Anna May graced the screens of silent films and television, and took centre stage in the theatre.

Mary Teresa

Albanian-Indian Catholic nun

Barely needing an introduction, Mary Teresa was an Alba- nian-Indian nun who later became a saint. Dedicating her life to improving the lives of others, Mary Teresa founded Missionaries of Charity and won the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.

Raven Wilkinson


Raven Wilkinson was the first African American to dance for a major ballet company. Rising to prominence with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, she later danced for the Dutch National Ballet then the NYC Opera. She later mentored for the American Ballet Theatre.

Raven’s face is currently on:

  • Combo Disc