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Menstrual Products Comparison: Pads, Tampons, Cups, and Discs

Menstruation is a natural and essential aspect of a woman’s life, and throughout history, women have tried many different methods to handle their periods. In today’s world, where options abound, it’s crucial to explore the various menstrual products available and make informed choices through a thorough menstrual products comparison. So, let’s do just that! In … Read more

How to Sterilize Your Menstrual Cup: A Step-by-Step Guide

Menstrual cups and discs have gained immense popularity in recent years as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products – and of course, we are here for it! Cups & Discs offer countless benefits, including cost-effectiveness, reduced environmental impact, and increased comfort. With the increased usage of menstrual cups, it is crucial … Read more

Menstrual Cup falling out? Read here!

Menstrual Cups are life-changing! But there are a few hiccups that can happen on your menstrual cup journey, including issues like a menstrual cup falling out. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry, it’s a common problem and there are solutions! Find the right size to prevent menstrual cup from falling out One reason … Read more