Are you looking for the perfect gift for the eco-conscious adventurer who is passionate about reducing waste? Here’s a list of gifts that will fit right inside a stocking and make any adventure — and everyday life — a little bit easier!

If you are an eco-minded individual looking for presents for your friends, these small gifts are a great way to introduce your pals to the zero-waste life! They’re also a perfect Secret-Santa size so you can pick out a no-brainer gift for that friend or coworker who’s impossible to please!

Collapsible Water Bottle

You can find a space-saving collapsible water bottle in virtually any color! It’s perfect for the friend who is a minimalist (collapsible), lives a zero-waste lifestyle (reusable), and stylish (totally cute)! This water bottle is great for trips to the gym or sipping on the go! Shop Que water bottles.

Fair-Trade Reusable Face Masks

Single-use face masks have become one of 2020’s biggest sources of pollution. Get your squad some stylish and sustainably made reusable masks that won’t end up on the ground — or in the ocean. We like these masks from Tonlé, which are made from fabric remnants discarded by larger manufacturers, and use three layers of quilted cotton — the recommended practice for cloth masks. Plus, the masks are made by Cambodian workers, who receive fair wages, free lunch, vacation pay, and other benefits.

Pixie Cup

It’s astounding how many pads or tampons we can go through over the course of our lives. Fortunately there’s another option: a menstrual cup. Ours comes with a 100% happiness guarantee! The Pixie Cup is the ideal stocking stuffer and is the perfect gift for the adventurer who loves to live in freedom! Our small Pixie Cup is a safe bet for most people, or you can gift your bestie our combo pack, which comes with a small and a large. Feel weird about picking out a menstrual cup for someone else? We got you, boo. You can still give the gift of period freedom with a Pixie Cup gift card.

eco-friendly menstrual cup

UV Sterilizer

Our UV Sterilizer kills over 99% of germs and harmful bacteria using UV-C light, and its small size makes it perfect for travel. No more boiling your menstrual cup on the stove! (Plus, you could even pop in your reusable mask to kill germs between washes!)

Pixie Cup Sterilizing Container

This little sterilizing container is cute, compact, and multi-functional. You can use it for a quick rinse in a public restroom, or a deep clean boil in the microwave! Bonus: it’s collapsible, so it takes up hardly any space in your purse or backpack. It’s the ideal gift for any Pixie Cup user!

Kula Cloth

These handy cloths are perfect for the girl who is always headed off on her next adventure! They replace toilet paper (for pee only) and snap onto your backpack, so “Leave No Trace” can be realized fully in the great outdoors! Shop Kula Cloth.


While we’re on the subject of pee… we may as well talk about this fantastic device! It makes “doing your business” while out in the wild a breeze! This is the perfect gift for the girl who is always out adventuring in the great unknown where a bathroom is an unknown luxury! Shop GoGirl.

Collapsible Straw

Is your friend passionate about reducing the number of straws that end up in the ocean? Help her reduce her environmental footprint with this super cute collapsible straw! It comes with a cleaning brush and a sleek carrying case, which makes it the perfect size to keep in a purse… and slip in a stocking on Christmas morning! Shop on Amazon.

Best of luck on your gift-giving excursions this year and we hope you find the perfect item for everyone on your list!

Happy shopping!

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Karen E.

Karen is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and holds a degree in English and French from Knox College. She has written extensively about topics related to holistic health, clinical nutrition, menstrual health, personal growth, and weight management. Have a question for Karen? Email her at