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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Period Sex Edition

This Valentine’s Day, give your partner the gift of no-mess period sex!

Passionate, honoring, self-giving love is the greatest gift humans have been given – and the day we celebrate this love is just around the corner! But nothing kills the mood quicker than realizing that you or your partner will be on their period on Valentine’s Day. No need to fear – Pixie Cup is here! We’ve compiled the ultimate list of Valentine’s Day gift suggestions to make messy period sex a thing of the past!

#1 Massage Oil

Set the mood by using a high quality massage-oil! We love Badger Body Oil because it’s a safe, natural massage oil scented with essential oils.

#2 Pixie Disc

This is a THE game changer for period sex! The menstrual disc is the latest innovation in the reusable menstrual product marketplace. Inserted similarly to a tampon, a menstrual disc doesn’t create a suction like a menstrual cup, but is held in place by your pubic bone. Discs collects your menstruation at the base of your cervix, not in the vaginal canal like a cup — allowing for period sex! Discs are so comfortable, neither partner even know it’s there.

Pixie Cup has two sizes of Pixie Discs to choose from, so you’ll be able to find one that’s right for your anatomy.

#3 Pixie Lube

We know there are many different lubrication options out there, but here at Pixie, we’re committed to creating the healthiest, body-safe versions of personal care products. We developed a water-based, all-natural lubricant that not only helps you insert your Pixie Cup or Disc easily, but is also perfect for sex.

#4 Kegel Weights

Okay, so I know this one isn’t exactly something that you can use for period sex. BUT strengthening your pelvic floor absolutely helps increase sexual satisfaction! If you struggle with painful sex, vaginal flatulence, or pee-leaks, check out Pixie’s Kegel Weights. Developed in conjunction with Dr. Ali Schermer – Pelvic Floor Specialist, Pixie Kegel Weights are designed to be worn for 15-20 minutes a day to strengthen your pelvic floor. Included in our kegel weights is our exercise guide, developed by Dr. Ali Schermer to help you optimize your results.

#5 Feminine Wash

Make even the post-sex clean up enjoyable! Use a gentle, plant-based wash paired with a portable bidet to make clean up fresh, clean, and hassle-free. We love this portable bidet! Paired with a portable bidet, our beloved Pixie Foaming Wash is the perfect gentle feminine wash that won’t make you irritated. Finish clean up with Cooling Menthol Wipes to leave you with that extra clean cool.

This Valentine’s Day, guarantee no-mess period sex! Shop now with code VALENTINES2023 for 10% off your whole order!

Kayla Martin

Kayla is a wife and homeschool mom of three who is passionate about empowering women to care for and advocate for themselves. Kayla cares deeply about holistic wellness of spirit, soul, and body and being good stewards of creation.

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