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How to start the conversation about menstrual cups

You bought a Pixie Cup and have been using for a few months now, and you have experienced the incredible freedom a menstrual cup brings to your life.

What is the next step?

If you’re like me, you want to tell ALL of your friends about it, because good news is meant to be shared! Nobody should have to use an uncomfortable, chemical-packed, drying tampon EVER again… especially not people you love!

Sometimes, though, it feels a little weird to bring up the topic of menstrual cups. After all, they are period related, and in spite of our hard work to make periods a non-taboo topic, it can bring a comfortable conversation to a screeching halt.

Today we’re going to share a few tips on sharing about your menstrual cup journey with a friend!

1. Open well

“Hey guys… guess what I decided to try!”

That is a perfect opener. It’s genuine, authentic, and totally you! Your friends, if they are real friends, are already excited to hear about your life! Share it with them! If that doesn’t feel like you and you’re a little nervous, feel free to own that, too!

“So, I feel really weird saying this, but I decided to try something new and I wanted to know what you think.”

Again, perfect! You are genuine and nice, and not sales-y at all! I feel pretty safe saying that all of us probably don’t like being used as a potential sales technique. Even though you’re not technically gaining anything but support by sharing about your menstrual cup journey, you never want someone to feel like you’re pushing anything on them. When you do decide to ask them their thoughts, you can say something like “Do you think you would ever try it?”

2. Be yourself

Our society screams these words so often they sometimes fly straight over our heads. “Be yourself and everything will turn out alright.” Let’s twist this message a little and say “don’t be afraid to share your true story.” This is a good reminder when you’re trying to convince your friends to try something new. You can go ahead and throw out statistics and a few comments about how a menstrual cup saves money, but your personal story is the most convincing message you can give. Your friends trust you and will love being able to ask you questions about your journey with a menstrual cup.

3. Remind yourself that they will want to know

“What if they think it’s weird that I use a menstrual cup?” That thought might fly through your head a time or two. Just remind yourself of how you felt before you tried one, and remember the reason why you feel so much different after using a menstrual cup. Your friends deserve to know about the thing that changed your life so much. Even if they do think it’s a little weird at first, they will soon grow comfortable with the idea! Plus, chances are they have heard of menstrual cups before… it’s becoming a huge movement!

4. Ask if they have any questions

Chances are, your friends have not tried a menstrual cup before because they have a few questions! Consider ending the conversation by asking if they have any questions that are holding them back from trying a cup! Some women are afraid of leaks, others may feel that it’s out of their price range. You are the perfect person to calm their fears and help them have the answers they need to try a cup out!

5. Follow up

After you tell your friend about menstrual cups and she decides to try it out, follow up with her! Walk beside her in her journey as she tries it out for the first time, and share some advice if her cup causes any issues! Most of the time, minor issues can be easily fixed by trying a different fold for insertion or altering the cup position. Even if she doesn’t have any questions at all, it will mean a lot to your friend that you checked in on her and are supporting her through the process.

6. Celebrate with a white dress party!

Host a party and ask the friends that use menstrual cups to wear white dresses! Then, share the freedom you experience with a menstrual cup that allows you to wear white at any time of the month!

How did you find out about menstrual cups? Were you nervous to try one at first?

Laura U.

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