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This question is very common, so don’t feel alone if you’re hesitant about using a menstrual cup as a virgin!

There are only two things that could cause a virgin to experience difficulty using a menstrual cup.

Your own comfortability.

First, you need to assess your own mind and see if you feel comfortable with the thought of using an internal period product. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with your vagina and have never used a tampon, make sure to take time to relax. Take it slow and give yourself some grace to figure it out! We believe in you, and we wholeheartedly recommend a menstrual cup to every girl because it truly is a life-changer! Imagine swimming, riding a bike, and running without fear of leaks and stains!

Your flexibility.

virgin menstrual cup

First of all, your body is more resilient and strong than you could imagine! Your vaginal canal was created to expand when needed, and then return to its normal state, without stretching out! Otherwise, how could we women ever achieve a vaginal birth? 

That being said, if you have never used a tampon or inserted anything into your vaginal canal, it could feel a bit uncomfortable at first. We advise you to start with a smaller cup and apply a little lubricant (we sell a really smooth Pixie Cup Lube that is AMAZING) to help you experience a comfortable insertion.

We also recommend that you start with the “Punch Down Fold.” For this fold, place your index finger on the top of the rim and press inwards to the base of the cup forming a triangle.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from new cup users is, “Can my cup get stuck up there?” If you are concerned about that possibility, check out our blog post on menstrual cup removal, HERE!

There are two more things you need to know if you are considering a menstrual cup as a virgin:

  1. Your hymen may stretch.

First, we need to address what your hymen is NOT. It is not a film deep inside your vaginal canal that stretches across the opening and must be broken during sexual intercourse. Your hymen is an outer layer that partially covers your vaginal canal and it can be stretched by doing all kinds of things including something as simple as riding a bike. Your vaginal canal itself does not stretch, but the hymen could.

  1. You cannot lose your virginity to a menstrual cup.

Your virginity is not based on a thin piece of skin, it is a simple fact about your life experience. You are a virgin if you have not had sexual intercourse, and that fact has nothing to do with a menstrual cup, or your hymen for that matter. Women all over the world struggle with the question of whether or not it is acceptable in their religion or culture to use a menstrual cup. We deeply desire for each woman to have the freedom and the right to use a menstrual cup and experience the joy and ease that it can bring to her life. We need to be the voice that tells the world that the value of a woman is not determined by the state of her hymen, but by the existence of her soul.

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