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The #1 secret to a leak-free period with a menstrual cup: you have to learn how to make the cup pop open.

Menstrual cups make life 1000% percent easier on your period, but it can take a little time to figure out how to use them. This is important so you don’t experience any unwanted leaking! Today, we’re going to share some helpful tips to make sure your cup opens up perfectly every time.

How does the Pixie Cup work?

The Pixie Cup is a flexible, comfortable menstrual cup, designed to catch all menstrual flow without leaking or drying out the sensitive skin of the vaginal canal. It is BPA-free, medical-grade silicone, and comes in two different styles and a variety of sizes from Small to XL! 

While the cup itself is designed to be leak-free, it can take a few tries to get comfortable with your cup. We recommend that you practice it at home first (rather than in a public restroom) so you can learn the perfect cup technique that works for you. 

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How do I make sure my menstrual cup is open?

If your menstrual cup is leaking or isn’t popping open when you insert it, there is probably an easy fix. Try these simple techniques to get your menstrual cup to pop open on the first try!

3 easy steps to make your menstrual cup pop open:

  • Use the C-fold for insertion because it helps the cup to pop open easily
  • After you insert the cup, run a clean finger around the rim of the cup to make sure it isn’t folded.
  • If there are folds, grab the stem and gently twist the cup in a circular motion. This helps to get the cup rim to fully pop open.

Why is my cup still leaking?

If you’ve tried our handy dandy tips and your cup is still leaking, there are a few possible reasons why.

  1. Your cup could be the wrong size. If your cup slides up or down a lot during the day (a little movement is totally normal… we’re talking a LOT of movement) you might have the wrong cup size. Learn how to choose the right menstrual cup size.
  2. Your might have a tilted cervix. If you have a tilted cervix, and your cup isn’t properly aligned, your menstrual flow might run along the vaginal wall, missing the rim of your cup. If this is the case, try wearing your cup lower.
  3. Your menstrual flow could be heavier than your cup can handle. We designed the Pixie Cup in a bell shape to capture as much fluid as possible — more than several tampons. But, if you have an especially heavy period, you’ll need to empty your cup a little more often. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of emptying your cup every few hours, you can give our XL Pixie Cup a try! Keep in mind, you do need to empty your cup every 12 hours no matter what to keep your cup clean and sanitary.

Did our tips work for you? If so, drop a comment below to let us know!

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